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  • Silly, Funny, Fast & Furious

    Danish Bagdadi

    Desimartini | Updated - February 24, 2011 23:29 PM IST
    3.4DM (167 ratings)
    Drive AngryWatch trailerRelease date : February 25, 2011

    'Drive Angry 3D' is yet another ridiculous movie in along line of releases to have come from Nicolas Cage in the near past. The difference here however is that the movie doesn't take itself seriously and that results in a gloriously silly affair filled with and fueled by gratuitous violence, skimpily clad women, anti-hero tough guys and brutal car chases. Add some nifty 3D effects and you have an amusing even if incredibly stupid popcorn entertainer.

    The movie revolves around the efforts of John Milton (Nicolas Cage) to bring to justice a satanic cult that murdered his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter. He has three days to track them down else they would sacrifice the baby in some ritual to appease the dark lord. A waitress, Piper (Amber Heard) joins him on his quest, while the two run into and escape from police authorities and a man simply known as the Accountant (William Finchter) who's been sent down by the Devil to bring Milton back to Hell. Yes, Milton has escaped from hell which the movie presents as a sort of jail. So will Milton be able to save his granddaughter?

    The plot is pure hogwash, just an excuse for the pedal-to-the-metal action sequences and gloriously bad lines something along the lines of "The only drink Ill have is beer from his skull". Not only does Milton utter that with the utmost seriousness but proceeds to do perform the deed too.

    A movie with the title of 'Drive Angry' has to be replete with car chases else it'd be a sin to own that name. The chases here are relentlessly brutal with intent to showcase maximum bedlam. People & vehicles are run over, blown apart, skewered with utter disregard to any sort of subtlety. The violence recalls the remorseless tone of the 70s exploitation flicks. The high octane car chases hold your attention through pure mayhem and carnage.

    The 3D which I usually find an irritant is far more tolerable here and there are some truly beautiful shots that show it off, else its kind of redundant.

    William Finchter is perhaps the biggest incentive to watch the movie, with him uttering such priceless one-liners loaded with stinging dry wit. His description of the Devil's personality is an absolute beauty to behold. Its good to see an actor of his caliber who usually ends up in character roles getting a chance to sink his teeth into something meatier. Nicolas Cage on the other hand though competent is essentially on auto-pilot mode. Amber Heard clearly got picked for her looks and not her non-existent acting abilities.

    I have to warn you that the movie has been butchered by the censor board and for a movie that is over-flowing with contraband this is never a good sign; so entire sequences that could have held quite a visceral punch are tamed down by shoddy chop shots.

    'Drive Angry 3D' is nothing more than a wildly amusing romp through testosterone country and those who can appreciate for its silliness will find quite to enjoy in its two hour running length. Those looking for logic and rationale are best advised to avoid it.

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