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  • Furious 7 are going to make sure that you stayed glued to your seat.

    Parichay Mehta

    Desimartini | Updated - April 02, 2015 14:50 PM IST
    3.9DM (1787 ratings)

    Verdict - Best of the series with respect to Story. Go for Vin Diesel, his family & Paul Walker's final on screen appearance.

    Furious 7Watch trailerRelease date : April 02, 2015

    Fast And Furious. These 3 words has been connected to my life since last 14 years. When the 1st movie of this series came out in 2001, I remember me wanting more of this since Hollywood films used to be way shorter than Bollywood back then. Years after years, they came with more films in the Fast And Furious series & I still craved for more. Today, 14 years after the first part was released, Furious 7 came out. I can safely say that I still want more of Fast And Furious. (Even though they labelled it as 'One Last Ride').

    Furious 7 is a little different from other films of this series. It is focused more on the storyline, emotions & unique stunts. As Vin Diesel says, "It's not about being fast this time!" Furious 7 has given very much importance, and rightly so, to the story of the film.

    The film starts with Decard Shaw (Jason Statham), brother of Ian Shaw (who got f'd by Vin Diesel's 'family' in Fast & Furious 6), vowing to kill people who put his little brother in Hospital. So basically, this is a story of revenge. Shaw wants to take revenge of his brother & Torreto (Vin Diesel) wants to take revenge of Han. And Hobbs, well he just wants to kick Shaw's a** because Shaw kicked his.

    As it usually happens with F&F; series, this film has surpassed its previous instalments in terms of action, style, story, dialogues & of course, the insane Rajinikanth-brand-scenes.

    People who love action films will be glued to their seats till the end. There's always an element of Paul Walker's character of whether he'll live or die in the film. And it becomes more frightening since most of the deadly incidences happen with him.

    But he lives. Paul Walker will stay alive through his films. The tribute to Paul Walker at the end of the film is very sweet, hardcore fans might even cry a little. Especially after the tribute, you feel even more proud of Vin Diesel & Paul Walker's bromance.

    Positives: High octane action, Crazily awesome stunts, Quirky dialogues, Paul Walker's last film.

    Negatives: Less of Dwayne Johnson, Less Racing, Jason Statham's stone face

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