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  • Don't go too far to catch this one

    Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - September 29, 2010 16:21 PM IST
    2.9DM (167 ratings)
    Going the DistanceWatch trailerRelease date : October 01, 2010

    Internal bias: I love romantic comedies

    Going the distance begins promisingly with the cute animation in the titles of planes flying back and forth morphing into phones and so on. It sets the mood for a frothy romance and you settle into your chair with your caramel popcorn prepared to smile wryly.

    But thats as far as it gets. A long distance relationship means that the two people involved can only talk and that is what they do in this movie-sms and talk about how difficult it is to stay far away and how they miss each other. These bits are interspersed with their meetings where they jump on each other the moment they meet for some hot and heavy stuff.

    The funny moments are provided by the quirky set of friends surrounding the hero and heroine-his friends and her sister. They are pretty much stereotypes, (the weird flat mate who leaves the loo door open and the over protective sister like the one in Jerry McGuire) but they still work to provide the laughs so needed to relieve the tedium of two people having a virtual romance. The dialogues can get quite raw and a particular discussion on sex had me wondering had me wondering why it was there.

    I suppose what I was looking for was a better portrayal of the angst the couple feel. There is a lot of potential for sweet moments in a long distance romance. But the movie prefers to concentrate more on the physical aspect or then I have turned into a hardened cynical bat to not see the other stuff! I also wish they had repeated the animations more often than they have done thru the movie. They add a light touch to the story. The end looks right out of a school play.

    What I liked is the refreshing honesty between the couples. There were no long meaningful looks or sighs. It was nice to not see a coy woman but an honest and frank one making her feelings known upfront with no games.

    Drew Barrymore looks tired but still has vestiges of her cute persona. She plays a 31 year old slightly jaded person with conviction. Justin Long looks like a shrunken version of Ross from Friends but is not half as endearing.

    A strictly ok watch I would think. Recommended for those in the first flush of romance or in a long distance thing. After all, misery loves company.

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    Smita Vyas Kumar

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    Don't go too far to catch this one

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