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  • loving these Horrible Bosses !!!

    Inspector VIjay

    Desimartini | Updated - June 01, 2012 00:28 AM IST
    2.9DM (282 ratings)

    Verdict - must watch, randomly funny

    Horrible BossesWatch trailerRelease date : June 01, 2012

    When I first saw the promos of Horrible Bosses, I was eagerly awaiting it just to watch badass Kevin Spacey in action. What was my feeling after watching the film?
    It is a genuinely funny film which even though not perfect, is one that I can even say has repeat value.

    The film revolves around 3 tortured employees. Nick is a mid-level manager who is harassed by his self-loathing boss(Spacey), who shows him the carrot but never really lets him grow. Kurt is a good worker and has a great relation with his boss, but upon his death, his coke-addicted son(Colin Farrell) takes over and makes life a living hell for him. Lastly, Dale is a dental assistant to a provocative & sexually charged dentist(Jennifer Anniston) who really doesnt understand the meaning of sexual harassment.

    All 3 are fed up with their lives and decide to finish their bosses once & for all. They chance upon Jamie Foxx who plays a murder consultant to them. It is actually as hilarious as it sounds and his small bit makes for a big laugh.
    How their hatched plans eventually backfire and how they get caught up in a comedy of errors is a treat to watch.

    Watch out for the scene where Kevin Spacey is get an allergic attack outside his house, It will have you in splits.

    Why the film is so much is because of its performances. While the 3 main characters share great camaraderie and perfect chemistry, its the bosses that take the fun a notch higher.
    Spacey is as sinister and stellar as usual. Colin F is unrecognizable and equally good. But the surprise package of this film is Jennifer Anniston who is looking smoking hot & packs a knockout punch in terms of her performance.
    n my opinion, Horrible Bosses is way better in terms of entertainment value than most Hollywood comedies in the last few months. Its light, insanely enjoyable & I can bet on the fact that if its ever coming on TV, you would watch it again for sure.

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