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  • Meme funny - Not Ice Age funny!

    Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - July 15, 2016 15:50 PM IST
    3.1DM (405 ratings)

    Verdict - You will enjoy it, but this is not the Ice Age experience per se!

    Ice Age: Collision CourseWatch trailerRelease date : July 15, 2016

    Ice Age battles high expectations and returns with a familiar set of characters in a setting that, even for Ice Age, even for 3D animation, is a little too far-fetched and under-developed. Scrat, in a spaceship, looking for elusive acorns, acts a little irresponsible and keeps coming back every now and then, almost like in a slapstick comedy movie, setting off a chain of events. The biggest of those events is a large chunk of broken mass in space that heads off for the Earth. While the frequent appearance of Scrat, doing a range of inane things in the spaceship looks force-fit, our adorable family of Manny and Co, are equally stuck in an identity crisis.

    Manny and Ellie have a domestic problem to deal with - their daughter's in love with Julian and plans to leave them and roam free in the world, almost metaphorically to the real world and real kids. Julian is desperately trying to act cool, while trying to impress his future father-in-law, whom he refers a little awkwardly as Bro-Dad. But, both Manny and Diego, who has his own romantic sub-plot going with Shira, have been awkwardly sidelined by Weasel, who as Neil deBuck Weasel, plays the central role of the movie. He has some really funny lines going for him but the movie almost comes off as a TV sitcom full of human characters with human problems. One of the reasons why we loved Ice Age is because the characters are not humans and although, we tend to project, they seem to be different. However, in this edition, they've a little too much of the human world in them. Whether it is the Shangri Llama, enjoying his yoga and immortality amidst a crystal world made of an ancient meteor or Dino birds, who right until the end are there just to fill the void in a very shallow script, the movie comes across as something that has been hastily put together with a bunch of shallow-sub-plots trying hard to be cool.

    From Manny forgetting the anniversary to Hashtag jokes, bro jokes, Sidney's relationship and dating jokes and kid jokes, there is nothing Ice Age about this movie. It is a 2016 sitcom which is almost completely meme-inspired with tons of social media jokes plugged in. Some of them will make you laugh and the whole team ganging up to propel a giant magnet into the sky to alter the course of an asteroid heading for the planet will get you mildly enthused. However, Ice Age overall is a disappointment because it is thoroughly adulterated with our modern-day tales. It's almost as if the franchise is in adolescent stage, losing its innocence and suffering an identity crisis. It is lukewarmly funny but the characters don't really get to indulge in the warm friendship and camaraderie of the past movies.

    Diego and Shira' cliched romance and yearning for kids, Manny and Ellie trying to convince their daughter to stay with them and not walk away and Weasel doing a know-it-all, while sluggardly slipping off the plot every few minutes are all a little annoying. There are some hilarious scenes like Scrat causing a tidal wave on the planet and an electric storm due to its inadeptness in handling the spaceship - a spoof of the Red Sea parting when the animals are trying to cross the waters. However, amidst these laugh-riot scenes are a bunch of TV sitcom cliches and lines we all know too well. So, watch it, but without expectations.

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