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  • Iron Man 3 review – All Your Bullets Ricochet

    Nikhil Arora (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - April 24, 2013 18:08 PM IST
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    Verdict - Iron Man 3 entertains yet disappoints

    Iron Man 3Watch trailerRelease date : April 26, 2013

    Iron Man 3 is enjoyable and mildly funny but it is mostly messy. Here's my main problem with this movie: it isn't exactly awesome. The first Iron Man film was unadulterated awesomeness and the second wobbled under a lackluster script. The third film is entertaining yet under-accomplished. It does take off but a bit too late. The film opens with a clumsy 45 minutes but it ends with a climax that could easily be one of the best action set pieces we've ever seen in a summer blockbuster. There are several great moments here to satisfy the fanboys but as a film, it doesn't exactly soar.

    Most importantly, Iron Man 3 is a comedy first and a superhero film later. This is something that didn't particularly go down well with me. I'm not very sure what jokes with Downton Abbey are doing here. It is one thing when you sprinkle (mediocre?) humor over a film to hide a bad story; there is another when you spitfire funny and memorable one-liners while providing high-quality entertainment. This is what separates a film like this one with a great superhero film like The Avengers. On a specific note, I prefer Joss Whedon's humor to Shane Black's infinitely more. I'd put a brake on the comparisons but when you've already seen the good stuff, why settle for less?

    The embarrassing first act ends with a staggering scene, which tells us, this film indeed has a chance of being saved. The second act sees the inclusion of a kid that is basically every young one's dream come true: Be a superhero's sidekick. Even if it is for a brief period, this will be enough to win over the teenagers. This includes me and is also my favorite segment of the film. But here's the thing, then comes a grown man who tries to do the same thing and looks egregiously awkward. Whenever the film starts to show promise it falters soon enough until it is ultimately wrapped up well.

    One of my favorite sequences is when Iron Man saves not one, but 13 people. Mid-air. This is vintage superhero material. Also, Robert Downey Jr. He could sleepwalk through 3 more Iron Man films and make it look amazingly cool. Gwyneth Paltrow finally gets to kick butt and I hope The Avengers 2 has a good sub-plot reserved for her.

    Ben Kingsley is amusing but I would safely say he's probably the worst villain any superhero film could ever get. I want to watch Iron Man 3, not Tere Bin Laden. A superhero movie, not a farce. I do appreciate Shane Black's take on the face of terrorism in the wake of the culmination of a certain manhunt, if only I wasn't asked to laugh at it. Terrorism is NOT a joke. Guy Pearce, on the other hand, is excellent. He's an incredibly underrated performer. I wish they had informed the audience about the identity of the villains before Tony Stark found out instead of succumbing to a shoddy twist. Sometimes letting the audience in on a joke works better than hiding it and having the punch line fall flat.

    Albeit, I'm willing to overlook most of the film's missteps for the absolutely thunderous climax. I'm sure I will get over my disappointment and enjoy this film more the second time I watch it (which will not be soon) because I know what to expect. Not a darker, deeper first chapter in Phase Two of Marvel cinematic universe but a quasi-comedic bigger and grandiose franchise-mongering threequel to suit a fanboy's needs. It is better than the previous film, but that's not saying much.

    Now that the Iron is done with, can the real superhero please stand up? Bring on the Steel!

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