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All audience reviews of It – Chapter Two

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  • Deepti Lakra

    Deepti Lakra

    7 Reviews , 1 Followers
    Rated 3.5October 04, 2019

    It was a creepy movie not horror.

    I'm every nightmare you've ever had. I'm your worst dream come true. I'm everything ever were afraid of. So the clown is back again in Derry after ...read more

  • Anudeep Sharma

    Anudeep Sharma

    28 Reviews , 1 Followers
    Rated 3.0September 15, 2019

    More of a Thriller and lesser the horror

    More of a Thriller and lesser the horror...is how I sum up this movie...The editor took a mighty nap while doing his work and made it 2 hours and 5...read more

  • Jitish Makkad

    Jitish Makkad

    2 Reviews
    Rated 3.0September 06, 2019

    It – Chapter Two Review

    Not at all scary, just a few gross scenes. There are many funny scenes as well. Very less jump scares. kind of over stretched. Do not watch if you ...read more