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  • Stylized, gigantic, thrilling piece of turd!

    Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - June 11, 2015 14:10 PM IST
    3.4DM (1263 ratings)

    Verdict - Good effects and good thrills offer a glossy cover to the obviously ridiculous plot!

    Jurassic WorldWatch trailerRelease date : June 11, 2015

    When Steven Spielberg made Jurassic Park 22 years back, he didn't know he was creating a monster, pun intended. Franchises often seen as money-spinning machines have spun layers and layers over the original story and even after all these years, their creativity has managed nothing more than a basic byline - a new hybrid dinosaur, called the Indominus Rex, that has genes from several different species and hence can control its body temperature, create camouflage and is so smart, it can remove the tracking chip implanted on its body.

    However, what is too hard to digest is a creature that scratches all over its enclosure to trick the humans into believing it has escaped, only for them to open the enclosure and actually let it out. Set in a theme park owned by Simon Masrani (Irrfan Khan), who invests 26 million dollars on creating a 'cooler' hybrid dinosaur whose DNA has been genetically modified, the movie is a VFX riot where too much has been left for the dinosaurs to do. Take for example, the two Mitchell brothers, one a kid who is a dinosaur trivia expert and another an adolescent more interested in the girls in the amusement park than in the dinosaurs until the Indominus stars chasing them. They survive the Indominus, start a dilapidated jeep from the original movie and make for the run. Chris Pratt as Owen is the Alpha Male, who can actually control to a certain extent the Velociraptors and is trying to hunt the Indominus that is now out in the open, which is funny because at one point the Velociraptors he trains and which, he insists can be bonded through trust and not through control, are confused between him and the new Alpha male - the Indominus. Yes, too much of incoherent animal psychology. The gist is that the communication between the Indominus and the Velociraptors is almost funny and funnier is the case when one of them, the Blue, trained by Owen returns to save him from Indominus.

    Bryce Howard plays Claire, who is the Operations Manager of the park, more concerned about bringing the crowds and thrilling them rather than keeping them safe. Her ridiculous role ranges from acting like a career-driven negligent aunt in stilletos who knows nothing about what she is doing to a freaked, tattered, bloodied aunt towards the end, running around, still in stilletos and still without a clue about what she is doing. Yet, it is the youngest kid who gives her the most glorious moment, suggesting that she let loose the original colossal, Tyrannosaurus, so it can batter the Indominus to decide who comes at the top of the food chain. Just when the Tyrannosaurus is losing its game, Blue comes out of nowhere and collaborates with him to bring the Indominus down. Meanwhile, a Mosasaur, which is so big, the glass walled lagoon where it is a kept almost seems small - talk of scale. It appears in the end to swallow the Indominus, making you wonder how did they keep a Mosasaur of that ferocity to swallow the indomitable Indominus quiet and surrounded by cheering people all the while.

    A lot of VFX franchises like X Men and Transformers keep the audience interested with couple of good characters and some funny likes. Jurassic World has neither and it ends up being a 'dinosaur runs amok' movie where everything is gigantic and hungry with massive jaws. The movie gives you some real thrills and makes you jump on the seat a couple of times but that is as far as it goes. Beyond that, it is a hollow movie that hardly has even few lines of script, in spite of having four script writers including the director Colin Trevorrow!

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