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All audience reviews of The Lego Batman Movie

  • The Lego Batman Movie Review - Worth your money and a good start to 2017!

    Vicky Washington (1,893 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - February 17, 2017 00:23 AM IST
    2.9DM (4661 ratings)

    Verdict - You wont be disappointed!!

    The Lego Batman MovieWatch trailerRelease date : February 16, 2017

    What do you expect to get when you go to watch a LEGO movie? Good animation, fun and light story and appropriate comedic relief. The LEGO Batman movie had all of that and more. Will Arnett voices Batman once again and boy does he pull it off. The growling voice and love for black attire is captured spot on. The die-hard Batman fans will need to shift their perception of the caped crusader as the LEGO movies tend to take his character to a very different dimension. Batman is quirky, witty and emotionally charged all at the same time. Once you get accustomed to this, you will surely enjoy the film.

    LEGO Batman has great voice acting and a pretty good storyline, nothing that'll make you scratch your head or make you want to re-watch the film, which isn't bad at all. A fun family entertainer is what you get, which is exactly what the makers promise. While adults will enjoy the comedic relief moments that have been embedded throughout the film, children will be drawn towards the action scenes and pretty colors (of course, by children I mean kids).

    Overall, LEGO Batman is definitely worth your money and a good start to 2017!

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