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All audience reviews of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

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  • Deepti Lakra

    Deepti Lakra

    7 Reviews , 1 Followers
    Rated 3.0August 01, 2019

    what took so long for this to become a live action movie?

    Detective Pikachu is a story about a boy named “Tim Goodman” who is trying to find his father in each and every possible way. This movie does takes...read more

  • Ajit Kerketta

    Ajit Kerketta

    1 Reviews
    Rated 3.0May 17, 2019

    90's back

    It has a good story line and lots of humour. Bring back the memories of the time when kids used to watch Pokemon. Collect tozoes & lot more.

  • Victor Hemrom

    Victor Hemrom

    2 Reviews
    Rated 3.0May 10, 2019

    Worth watching if you're a 90's kid.

    This movie will take you in a thrilling Ride making you totally go back to your childhood . Movie was surprisingly interesting because of the beaut...read more

  • Praveen Kujur

    Praveen Kujur

    1 Reviews
    Rated 3.0May 10, 2019

    Not to good not to bad

    The movie isn't that much awesome that you expect from it but Its a good movie with a normal story line. In movie you can see the chemistry between...read more