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Sadistic pleasures

  • Manu Agrawal

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    Desimartini | Updated - June 23, 2013 5:37 PM IST
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    PredatorsWatch trailerRelease date : August 06, 2010

    First, the FAQs.

    Q. Would I understand this movie if I haven't seen Predator Or Predator 2 ?
    A. Well, in parts. But this one doesnt explain all new funda's very well, rest alone the older characteristics of the ugly beast (Helmet, wristband, invisibility etc.) So you gotta be content with seeing a fugly beast tearing up perfectly normal people (What glee ! :-D )

    Q. The promos show Laurence Fishburne a.k.a. MORPHEUS in da movie !!! Cant wait to see him again!
    A. Well, u got to wait one hour, and then he is gone before you know it. Tough luck.

    This movie marks the 5th sighting of the very terrible Predator, who can turn invisible by the click of a button, blasts through people with his laser gun, and blows himself if in danger of being caught. First tamed by Arnie in the jungles of Guatemala, he quickly moved into Los Angeles to kill some more. The next step was AVP (Alien Vs Predator), where he turns into the good guy (with a short temper, ofcourse) and helps earthlings combat the even more horrible Aliens. AVP2 doesn't deserve a mention at all.

    This latest offering has a couple of things going for it, after the previous debacle - Robert Rodriguez (who previously gave us Desperado, Sin City and the Spy Kids franchise), and the return to the jungle (nothing gives us more sadistic pleasure than seeing humans being mutilated in the most hostile of surroundings - the city people are stupid, have a lot of kids, and the military has a lot of tanks and other mumbo jumbo). However, the rehashed plot, which also makes mention of the first movie of the franchise doesn't have much to offer in terms of story, or character development. It makes up for it with special effects, and action though.

    7 men and 1 woman are mysteriously thrown from an airplane into a jungle. After getting acquainted, they realize that all of them are brutal killers in their own field, except one, who is a doctor. Realizing that they are together for a reason, they start finding out a way out of the place. However, they soon realize that they might not be on the same planet they started from - and this one is home to a brutal, ruthless hunter, and they are his prey.

    Talking about the special effects, it has to be mentioned that the predators are much more detailed than in the first 2 movies. They have their own ugly looking dogs and birds too ! The cinematography is good too, with the sequence between the beast and Hanzo standing out. However, the brutal murders occurring one after the other tend to make you numb at a certain point of time. Also, the burgeoning load of expectations which precedes each predator movie (who can forget Arnie's expressions in the last scene!) do not work in its favor.

    Not the best in the franchise, but not the worst either. Works best for boys !

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    Sadistic pleasures

    First, the FAQs. Q. Would I understand this movie if I haven't seen Predator Or Predator 2 ? A. Well, in parts. But this one doesnt explain all...read more