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A hole in my heart

  • Mehul Suri

    Mehul Suri (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - May 18, 2013 1:28 PM IST
    3.4DM (247 ratings)
    Rabbit HoleRelease date : February 18, 2011

    And thats exactly what this film left me with when I walked out of the theatre. Director John Cameron Mitchell departs from his usual cinema; namely the shocking "Shortbus" and the spunky "Hedwig And The Angry Itch", and embarks on a new journey that is both poetic and poignant (as if the two could ever be separated).

    Though the story is one you may have heard before; a couple coping with the death of a child, fight to save their crumbling marriage in the wake of this humongous loss. But again the solid screenplay and the powerful performances elevate it to a level that is both unique and heart-wrenching. While Nicole Kidman has walked away with most nominations for this one (including an Academy nod), it is Aaron Eckhart who steals the show. His two confrontational scenes with Nicole Kidman clearly hit a hole-in-one.

    While the supporting cast, as the lead is brilliant, the argument that how much does a director and how much does the cast contribute to a film fails to hold water here. Each and every scene in the film is so well crafted that where the directors vision finishes and the actors interpretation begin, its impossible to tell. The two merge so effortlessly. But more on the naturalness of the film later.

    The screenplay is funny in parts, especially the scene where Eckhart gets stoned with therapy group mate Gabby (Sandra Oh in another strong performance). These funny moments accentuate all those other moments when the heartache jumps out of the screen and grips your throat and finally becomes your own. The story flows in this natural state and everything feels like it belongs; be it the empty group therapy sessions or the cheerless family get-togethers. Every element in the film is chosen to such perfection that nothing seems out of place. Yet each scene feels like something new. Something you have never experienced before on celluloid. Just like the namesake rabbit hole that sucks you in and takes you to a special place.

    The film was potentially in the danger of travelling down a tragic hole of depression. But it does not. Go watch it if human emotions and a well-told story interest you.

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