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  • Jolie as Tom Cruise

    Yusuf Poonawala (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - July 24, 2010 13:01 PM IST
    3.0DM (198 ratings)
    SaltWatch trailerRelease date : July 23, 2010

    After seeing INCEPTION, one gets mixed feelings.....there is this one feeling wherein one feels honoured to be living in times wherein movies with such complex concepts result in such perfect execution! The other being, that now that you have witnessed, as someone called it, the intelligent mans AVATAR will life be the same again when you go to the cinema hall? The question leaves you with a void!

    Coming immediately after INCEPTION is Philip Noyces (The Saint, Dead Calm, Blind Fury, Sliver, Clear and Present Danger) Angelina Jolie starrer, SALT.

    Please do not expect to take the tagline too seriously of WHO IS SALT? because from the word go, you are aware that this is the same old concept of a frame up of a respected spy, who in turn has to go and prove their innocence, by seeming to be guilty because of their actions, in the end to prove.......that All izz well!

    Without getting into the plot details, since there isnt much of it, will just write about this flick in brief.

    The action sequences which are larger than life, too many too often and cleverly depicted, and to a certain very realistic, are supposed to be the main draw of the film. (All patrons expecting Jolie to be put in a Cameron Diaz type bikini set, will be disappointed.)

    There is not much acting expected from these type of movies, I guess this is why the Bourne series have such a great impact because they do try and club in some acting also into the action packed screenplay.

    Jolie is commendable in her role as Evelyn Salt. She performs the action sequences well and doesnt look out of place in a role originally written for Tom Cruise. Chiwetel Ejiofor as Agent Peabody, Liev Schrieber as Agent Winter are also decent.

    The direction of the movie is purely okay, because you expect much more from a Director of Philip Noyces calibre. I can easily see a sequel being planned, which would be the commercially sensible thing to do with this all jazz no substance product.

    Still, see it once for enjoying the popcorn. I am not saying it is a bad movie, but its just that the standards of cinema have been raised so high, that one always expects more, and especially in todays times when the viewer has to decide the monthly budget before deciding on which weekend flick to choose, that does make a lot of a difference.

    Does it have the Y Factor : NO

    RATING : 5/10

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