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All audience reviews of The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (3D)

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    Rony D'costa

    Desimartini | Updated - November 08, 2011 10:51 AM IST
    3.4DM (955 ratings)

    Verdict - Steven Spielberg

    The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (3D)Watch trailerRelease date : November 10, 2011

    The last time I read Tintin was when I was in school. So for me in a way this film was a fresh re introduction. What I was looking forward to was to see if Spielberg can manage to bring out the child in me and take me on a rollercoaster adventure ride.

    Whats it about? A model ship bought off the street sets Tintin (Jamie Bell) & his dog Snowy on an adventure across land, air, sea and a desert. On his adventure he meets his fellow adventurer Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis) and faces the evil Ivanovich Sakharine (Daniel Craig).

    Does it work for me? Yes

    Why? In spite of the problems that come with watching 3D movies in India Tintin is one high energy non stop fun ride with one adventure after another. The opening credits deserves a repeated viewing on its own. The last opening credits of a Spielberg film that came close to this one was of Catch Me If You Can. What I loved the most in the film were the scene transitions. That alone gave me a kick while watching this film. The desert scenes made me feel like I am in the Mummy series. The scenes at sea felt like I am watching Pirates and a big chase scene towards the end was like Indian Jones. So for me it was like the best of adventure movies rolled into one and I loved that feeling. Dont know if its a screenplay flaw or a flaw on the series level but this film was a Captain Haddock movie more than Tintin and Andy Serkis as always just made the character the best part of the movie experience. Daniel Craig as the villain Sakharine doesnt make any impact. In fact in terms of his physical appearance the character resembled Spielberg a lot.

    Final few words Steven Spielberg & Peter Jackson go back to being a kid and give us a movie fit for the entire family.

    Rating *** 1/2

    Ticket meter Worth a visit to the theatre at any cost.

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  • Amir Kanta Sahu

    Amir Kanta Sahu

    1 Reviews
    Rated 3.5December 05, 2011

    this is an awesum film and rea

    this is an awesum film and realize in 3d .......................and the characters in it are truly fab......and mindblowing.

  • Satish Chauhan

    Satish Chauhan

    1 Reviews
    Rated 2.5November 28, 2011

    Jamie Bell, Daniel Craig, Simo

    Jamie Bell, Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg, Cary Elwes,... moreJamie Bell, Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg, Cary Elwes, Andy Serkis, Nick Frost lessA young repo...read more

  • Amit Pal

    Amit Pal

    2 Reviews
    Rated 3.0November 17, 2011

    Awesome Movie,,moore creative

    Awesome Movie,,moore creative 3D experience ,,, Realistic character,,

  • Subhraprakash Mishra
    Rated 2.5November 16, 2011

    d movie is awosome

    d movie is awosome

  • Prashant


    2 Reviews
    Rated 4.0November 16, 2011