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All audience reviews of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • Less a film, more a chance to make money

    Ameet Bhuvan (2,108 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - April 30, 2014 22:58 PM IST
    3.4DM (2898 ratings)

    Verdict - At best this one is a seat warmer till, hopefully the third part gets us actually Amazed

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2Watch trailerRelease date : May 01, 2014

    Having been surprised pleasantly by The Amazing Spiderman, a very fresh reboot of a recently ended trilogy, i was expecting a decently fun summer action flick with one of my favorite comic characters being played by what arguably is the perfect casting after Batman in Nolan films. Yet, The Amazing Spiderman 2 left me high and dry, despite having some good moments and an amazing Garfiled as Peter/spidey. TASM2 at best is a bridge between the first and the (hopefully bombastic) third installment and nothing more.

    There is everything going for the film from the word go. Garfiled as Peter/Spiderman is fresh, awkward and gawky, adding a brilliant measure of vulnerability to the part. He gives us a sense of how the teenaged Peter is filling into this huge responsibility on his shoulders thanks to a spider bite. Along with Emma Stone playing Gwen, he singularly distinguishes this series from the Tobbey one, and proves he is a better choice for the part. His Chemistry with Stone is crackling. Yet, a lot of the film is just that, the chemistry between the two. Which also would have been ok, had it not been for the schizophrenic script.

    Arbitarily, TASM2 swings between the lovely Peter/Gwen emotional mess, that was the biggest strength of this reboot, to super villians. Electro (a disappointingly wasted Jamie Fox) is a wonderful idea and is fun as long as he lasts, but he dies too easily. Harry (Dane) as the Green Goblin comes in too late, mostly we are only shown a sulking whinning rich kid with daddy issues. And then as an after thought of sorts, the stakes are upped with a cameo of Rhino. Towards the climax, one almost thinks this was Krishh if it were not for the good CGI and english.

    Indeed, there is good CGI and 3D is used in a fun comic book manner to bring out a sense of college/teenage irreverence to the proceedings. The Electro- Spider man fights sequence is a highlight as well. Yet, all of the action seems to have been added as an after thought. The core is the love story, and that as well is poorly meted out, saved mostly onscreen due to the lead pair.

    There is a third installment of the series coming in, clearly this one is just meant to keep Spidermans memory fresh till that happens. More of a means to make some quick money in the summers and less a good attempt to take the series further, TAMS2 is at best a one time watch for the sheer joy of reliving childhood. Nothing much sadly works in the film.

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