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  • The art of The Artist

    Mehul Suri (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - February 23, 2012 17:45 PM IST
    3.3DM (204 ratings)

    Verdict - Worth every accolade. Great acting, amazing screenplay and truly a memorable film

    The ArtistWatch trailerRelease date : February 24, 2012

    Silence is golden. So it is little wonder that The Artist is picking up gold not just at the box-office but at award functions too. It is the kind of film that slowly drawly you in and before you know it, you are thinking about it long after the "the end" sign comes on. You stay with The Artist and it stays with you.

    The story is so simple yet one that many an actor have gone through in their lifetime; what happens when your star begins to wane? The fact that it is about a silent movie star and the film is shot in that genre adds an extra sheen to its golden era gloss. Everything is so organic that after the initial irritation of watching a movie with no dialogues, you begin to feel every smile, every sigh, every emotion. Yet the film never takes itself too seriously. There is a good dosage of insider jokes that make you chuckle at the cleverness of it all.

    Jean Dujardin is every bit the leading man, if there ever was one. He's handsome, has an amazing screen presence and the body language to rival Charlie Chaplin. He looks as if transported by some time machine, preserved and brought today for our viewing pleasure. Berenice Bejo as the young starlet on the rise dazzles on screen. She has been snubbed at many awards but it is an omission that is hugely influenced by an already larger-than-life leading man. But honestly, if Dujardin is the life of the film, she definitely is its soul. A special mention for the dog in the film. He's already picked up a Canine Palme at Cannes and will pick up many hearts too.

    Michel Hazanavicius as the director and screenwriter gives us one truly memorable film. His technique, choice of shots and an overall vision of the film is what makes The Artist. You need a smart head on those shoulders to be able to deliver a product of such substance and fine execution. He once again proves that the French do it differently than they do in America. He makes you get up and take notice as he pays homage to an era gone by.

    With all these accolades and reviews, The Artist is a must watch for every movie buff. A little word of warning for the Indian audiences; go in the film with an open mind because only then will you truly appreciate the art in The Artist. 4 stars

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    i must watch this movie

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