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  • Assemble !!!!!!

    Inspector VIjay

    Desimartini | Updated - April 25, 2012 12:51 PM IST
    3.7DM (6295 ratings)

    Verdict - entertaining action adventure !!!

    The AvengersWatch trailerRelease date : April 27, 2012

    220 million$
    6 Superheroes
    1 Epic Film
    Is this battle to save the word the mega Action adventure we were waiting for?
    Greatly entertaining, The Avengers is a fun film but doesnt deliver a knockout punch.

    The world is under threat from evil man Loki(Tom Hiddleston) who has taken control of the powerful cube Tesseract. S.H.E.I.L.D chief Nick Fury(Samuel L J) has no option but to bring together the army of powerful heroes under the Avengers Initative.
    Captain America(Chris E) is thawed to present day, The Hulk/Banner(Ruffalo) is brought in from Calcutta, Hawkeye(Renner) & Black Widow(Scarlet) are already part of the plan, Thor(Chris H) is here to settle old scores with Loki & Ironman/Stark(Robert Downey) is summoned upon in this incredible war of supremacy.

    Considering the number of heroes involved, a considerable runtime would be needed just to give each one of them their due. The first half is great as director Joss.W builds on the characters and brings them together. The initial confrontation scene between Ironman & Thor is a riot. The balance of the film is all action & we surely love our action dont we?

    Of the superheroes, Robert Downey is effortlessly suave & has the best lines. He charms his way to being the best only to be upstaged by an insanely fun Hulk, who steals the show in his green avatar.
    Scarlet J also packs in quite a punch & the rest too get their adequate screentime.

    The action is great, though a little repetitive towards the end & my only issue with the film is that the evilman Loki isnt menacing enough to be needing so many to defeat him. He looks vulnerable & incapable of winning at all.

    Director Joss.W does a fine job bringing together all the Marvel stars under one roof & doing justice to all of them.
    To sum it up, The Avengers is a must watch for any Marvel series fanboy or even a viewer who has seen all the earlier ones. Even if you have missed a few, just read up a bit and youll be set to roll. Its a good film but just doesnt end up WOWing you.

    P.S Please do wait for the end credits to roll to get a sneak peak of whats next

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