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Reinventing the Wheel

  • Manu Agrawal

    Manu Agrawal (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - January 11, 2014 6:16 AM IST
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    Verdict - Better suited for home DVD.

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyWatch trailerRelease date : December 14, 2012

    Glitzy Special Effects? Check.

    3D Technology? Check.

    Middle-earth people from the shire and other fugly folks? Check.

    Long beards and pointy hats? Check.

    Role-playing by Andy Serkis? Check.

    Early 20th Century Fantasy-Adventure-Epic saga by JRR Tolkien? Check.

    A multidimensional story? Check.

    In case you were wondering whether The Hobbit is introducing something very new and unheard of, there. I listed out the broad themes of the film, and as you can see, all of it has already been attempted in Hollywood in good measures. The problem with the Hobbit is that expectations were sky high, and it turned out to be just another fantasy flick. The way it was being promoted - with all of New Zealand gushing with pride as if their GDP depended on it, I had imagined it to be quite grandiose, probably surpassing LOTR. However, the movie is based on a shorter novel written by JRR Tolkien which is being stretched at its seams to create 3 films where one would have necessarily sufficed.

    The movie suffers from a one-dimensional story, which when compared to LOTR with its multitude of characters and a fantastic premise falls flat. Add to it the fact that LOTR was introducing an entirely new franchise: now we already know everything about Hobbits, dwarves, orcs, elves and goblins, thus lessening their charm. It would have certainly been percieved much better had it been released before LOTR. The film deals with Bilbo Baggins' (the guy who disappears at the starting of the first LOTR movie) journey towards the Lonely mountain along with a motley bunch of dwarves, who wish to reclaim their land. Although Bilbo is supposed to be the central character, I felt that other characters towered over him, and it might have been more aptly named as Gandalf the great or Thorin the Terrible. Bilbo appears to be lost throughout, undecisive and scared.

    The special effects, the sets and the cinematography are truly breathtaking, but since I had already seen a greater film, I felt it was beautiful, but not WOW. Cate Blanchett is in a 5 minute role, and Andy Serkis reprises as Gollum for Ten minutes. 3D is certainly not for 3 hours of use, and I was relieved when I could take the glasses off at the end.

    The Hobbit is one film which will make you go Hawwww, not because of cinematic delight but due to the sheer length. Peter Jackson uses a lot of his imagination, skill and budget but ends up simply reinventing the wheel.

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