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  • Using 3D to fill a gaping 'Hole'

    Manu Agrawal (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - March 18, 2011 12:49 PM IST
    3.4DM (192 ratings)
    The Hole 3DWatch trailerRelease date : March 18, 2011

    Is there a sub-genre called Kiddie Horror? I guess there is (its better known as LoveCraftian Horror). What does it offer? As many chills which would horrify kids upto ages 12. Its an ideal genre for a date too; it is enough for your girlfriend to cling onto you, but stops right before you wet your own pants.

    The Hole is a mediocre film, which has rightly resorted to 3D to make up for its bland screenplay which has been repeated a zillion times already. It borrows elements from Harry Potter (the mirror which shows what you love most) and the scary puppet/doll. The starcast is amateurish, if you discount Teri Polo who has appeared for side roles with Ben Stiller in 'Meet the Parents' and its sequels.

    Teri Polo is a single mother who shifts to a new locality with her 2 sons in tow. Now, while she goes to work, her kids befriend the girl next door and stumble upon a bottomless hole in their basement. What goes inside the hole, and what comes out comprises the rest of the flick.

    The 3D: The effects are quite decent, contrary to what I was expecting. A lot of the film is shot in bright light, a must for a 3D film. I guess this one has been shot with actual 3D cameras and not converted afterwards, as is sometimes the case. A lot of things are thrown at you at regular intervals. 3D usually works best when combined with horror, which is a plus too.

    3 stars because it is watchable and includes a sequence where a scary looking puppet jumped at my face. A definite no-go if it is being screened in 2D.

    A unrelated World Cup quote in the end: Are we bleeding blue, or being beaten black and blue? :P :P

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