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  • Too-Risky

    Gaurav Gadre

    Desimartini | Updated - December 23, 2010 14:02 PM IST
    2.9DM (972 ratings)
    The TouristWatch trailerRelease date : December 24, 2010

    A dream star cast, a fantastic location, an interesting plot but alas a weak screenplay leaves you distasteful. One more example which proves that screenplay is the real hero of the movie and not the actors or special effects.

    Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp) is a tourist visiting Europe. He runs into a mysterious woman Elise(Angelina Jolie), who happens to be the love of a wanted criminal Alexander Pearce. Alexander only communicates with Elise through written messages and on his directions Elise sets out to mesmerize Frank by her looks and charm. All this flirting is a part of a plan to throw the cops off guard and side track them from Alexander's trail. Meanwhile the gangster from whom Alexander had stolen the money track Elise's movement and start hunting for Alexander. Frank takes Elise's flirting seriously and falls in love with her and eventually in the course of their adventure Elise reciprocates the love. The climax reveals a very predictable suspense.

    Story conception wise this movie had a pretty strong asset. Its the screenplay which makes the end product flawed. Where the pace of the movie should have been fast, edgy and nail biting, it was fairly slow to the angst of the viewer. The background score is non existent in portions. The only thing that worked in favor was the dialogs. Especially the portions where Johnny Depp keeps answering in spanish when people are speaking to him in french or Italian was pretty funny to watch.

    The scenes shot in actual Venice look beautiful. The Venice set simulated in Vegas and Hollywood not so much and appear fake from the onset. Overall the cinematography was good and one of the highlights of watching this movie.

    Johnny Depp is one of the finest actors and one of my favorites. But it was as though he got bored half way through the movie. The soul of his acting, usually seen in abundance, is amiss. Angelina Jolie looks too old for some reason. But she does a fine job on the acting front.

    Director and writer Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck pulled off a casting coup somehow which generated interest in this movie. If this movie did not have Depp and Jolie and had some lesser known actors, I doubt if it would have gotten the footage that it has now. Having said that Donnersmarck was pretty good when he donned the director's hat but missed a couple of tricks when he penned the screenplay.

    Depp/Jolie fan? Watch their old classics instead.
    Love action/dramas? Catch it on DVD
    Date Movie? Go fo it.

    Repeat value: None.

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