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Wandless Potter in a Haunted House

  • Ankur Pathak

    Ankur Pathak (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - December 12, 2013 9:41 PM IST
    3.3DM (412 ratings)

    Verdict - Old-school Hwood with chilling imagery and the right use of background score, make this one a thrilling watch.

    The Woman in BlackWatch trailerRelease date : February 17, 2012

    The boy wizard of the astronomically successful Harry Potter franchise who made a fortune enough for one lifetime or maybe more, playing the eponymous character appears in his second film apart from the Harry Potter films. Which can as well as be termed as Harry Potter and the Haunted House. For The Woman in Black helmed by James Watkins, who made the chilling Eden Lake, and whose screenplay is adapted by Jane Goldman from a 1989 novel by Susan Hill, is a film which thrills largely by the anxiety of anticipation than with explosions at their extreme.

    It is a classic instance of Hollywood donning the Old-school hat with all the crutches conveniently available. Right from the haunted house with creaking doors, shadowy figures creating nuisance, inanimate objects evoking spook to the one big unfailing stereotype the rocking chair without an occupant, The Woman in Black is propped decoratively with all of them. Only that the motifs have been laid by a close acquaintance of a malevolent spirit. It is as if the makers sat in their smart suits and listed out the must-haves and ticked off the respective boxes.

    But when all the assorted grocery is cleverly placed in a mammoth set-up, the film becomes one assuring enough spooks, rightly in correspondence with the threat of an English ghost-story.

    Daniel Radcliffes Arthur Kipps is a London based solicitor unable to bury the loss of his wife who died giving birth to their now four year old child. The grief is engraved all over his face, hampering him professionally. The responsibility to raise the boy also rests solely on him. The boss certainly isnt obliged with sharing the grief and thus assigns him to an Eastern England hamlet to get some legalities sorted of a deceased woman who has left behind a Gothic mansion. Conflicted by the ghosts of his own tragedy, Kipps sets out to the distant settlement, in a scene oddly reminiscent of Hogwarts Express trailing to the school of wizardry from the Prisoner of Azkaban. On reaching the village, he finds it unavoidable to notice the obvious hostility the inhabitants display; who also probably are also the worst lot of natives to hold back a secret. Kipps is befriended by a wealthy landlord Sam Daily who offers help, and also lends out one of his dogs to accompany him during his nightly stay-over at the ghostly house. Turns out the house has lot more than mere paperwork to uncover and a lady named Jennet Humfrye was the owner who was stolen of her 9 year old by her own sister, and who (9 yr old son) tragically died in the marsh just opposite with the body unrecovered till date. She hasnt rested in harmony and continues to terrorize the guiltless villagers by eliminating their children in vengeance.

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    Wandless Potter in a Haunted House

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