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  • Mehul Suri

    Mehul Suri (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - February 07, 2014 9:31 PM IST
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    Verdict - The film remains as endearing as ever and truly stands the test of time. 3d has just made it bigger, grander and more majestic. A must watch for all.

    Titanic 3DWatch trailerRelease date : April 05, 2012

    Titanic, a film that captured millions of hearts and garnered billions of dollars returns to the Indian screens in 3d. And it is difficult to say whether director James Cameron is a genius or a gambler. True this film can warrant multiple viewings like a true classic, but does it justify the added costs of converting it into 3d, spending exorbitant amounts on marketing and re-releasing the film 15 years after it first released? I think so.

    The film as we all know tells the story of American high society girl Roses doomed romance with penniless street artist Jack, set against the ambitious backdrop of the sinking of the Titanic. While the Titanic earned a multitude of awards, it never won anything for its screenplay or story. Camerons critics often claim that his work is clichd and cheesy. Well agreed; but if one were to accept Vidya Balans philosophy in The Dirty Picture, then films work only for three reasons entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. And Titanic, the film is pure entertainment.

    And it is not just the mind-boggling sets and artistry or the heavy duty graphic work or the fact that its a story about one of the most glamorous tragedies in history that makes Titanic entertaining. It is the raw innocence and plain old chemistry between the young couple, Rose and Jack that truly makes Titanic a classic in the same league as a Gone With The Wind. Leonardo Di Caprio has become fatter over the years and Kate Winslet quite the aunty, but seeing them as they were 15 years ago, you can see why they have become the stars that they have. A film thats 3 hours plus with many characters not having more than five lines to speak, this young couple holds you in your seats for almost two hours before the ship hits the ice berg and the jazzy effects work takes over. For me they will always be Rose and Jack.

    Now onto the real hero of this film. No not James Cameron, though he is every bit the able captain of this ship, but I am talking about the 3d work. Here again Cameron must be applauded for using restraint in going 3d and not completely over-the-top as some of the recent films have done. The intimate scenes still work very well in 2d with enhanced colors and he reserves the use of 3d in the big scenes. One particularly comes to mind is when the ship is sinking- it looks grander, bigger and more majestic than I remembered. Cameron is a critic of post 3d conversions but goes ahead and does exactly that with Titanic but with good measure and full effect. And this is what assures you that good and hard works always triumphs over artistic gimmickry and visual tomfoolery.

    So do I recommend it? Well all those who couldnt catch it or weren't even born when it first released, I beg you to go for it. A word of caution though, the film is well over three hours and can test your patience simply because of late we have gotten used to the idea of shorter films, even if they are Bollywood. As for the rest of us, its certainly a trip worth going down the memory lane. You would feel all the euphoria and nostalgia of seeing the now iconic scenes again like I m the king of the world. They remain etched in our memories forever and have become part of urban film lore. Either ways, this is one film no one would regret going for. So all aboard???

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