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  • A mirthful ride

    Ajitesh Rajeevan

    Desimartini | Updated - March 06, 2016 11:47 AM IST
    2.9DM (180 ratings)

    Verdict - Kids will love it, you will love it more.

    ZootopiaWatch trailerRelease date : March 04, 2016

    Zootopia, a place where animals are it's citizens and the only form of discrimination that exists is that, there are the preys and the predators. They co-exist, but, not without bigotry. Our hero, a rabbit named Judy Hopps is this typical underdog who wants to make it big and quote, is a "trier", for, she never quits. She is from bunny-burrow, a village where all bunnies proudly make the world a better place, by growing carrots.

    The high point of this film is not derived from it's incessent need to seem different. Almost all animation movies out there are trying hard to make its viewers laugh by churning out scene after scene of some kind of unexpected-yet-cliched-seen-before like scenes. Zootopia does the same, but so funnily enough, that you don't care. You simply do not care just like big old buffalo butt Chief Bogo. He doesn't care about the new recruits and when Hopps joins the police force after her rise from zero to a fully qualified officer, and she beams and jumps and hops into the room, he skips introducing her and straightaway assigns her the post of a meter maid. She is asked to issue tickets to parking violators. The point here though, is that Hopps never quits. She sulks, she whines, but she doesn't quit. She is the type of kid you would want your kid to be like. She takes it upon herself to do the best at whatever is assigned to her, and she does. When you do that, things will automatically fall into place. That is when the story starts and she notices a sly con artist fox named Nick, pulling off the perfect job, one he has been doing for years. The sly fox and dumb bunny develop an unlikely friendship and together set out to crack the missing mammals case.
    In one scene, towards the end, Nick calls her a sly bunny and Hopps calls Nick a dumb fox. That is exactly what the movie is about. It asks everyone to be whatever they want to be, and to never stop trying to be the best at whatever they are. Sorry, if I just made the entire movie seem too preachy for kids and to you too. To every kid in school that got branded for being "different", or to every other kid that called another with names or kicked them cause they were "different", this movie will teach them that it is not how things are supposed to be.

    Zootopia draws its humour by not being too pretentious. You will realise that almost every single aspect of stereotyping has been dealt with in this movie only towards the end. Go watch it, along with kids if you can. Explain to them, that Zootopia is not an imaginary land and that the place we are in is in no way different from zootopia. Help them relate.

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