Ahead of her new memoir, Kerry Washington shares shocking revelations about paternity, eating disorder and suicidal thoughts

    In anticipation of her upcoming memoir, actress Kerry Washington breaks her customary silence, sharing startling personal revelations with Robin Roberts. Washington openly discusses a paternity bombshell, her struggle with an eating disorder, and past contemplations of suicide.

    Kerry Washinton (Source: People)

    Kerry Washinton (Source: People)

    In a recent interview, Kerry Washington gave audiences an insight into her upcoming memoir, in which she talks about her personal battles.

    The memoir is called Thicker Than Water and will be available tomorrow, in which she talks about her struggles with eating disorders and battling suicidal thoughts.

    Discussing the Unexpected: Paternity Bombshell Revealed

    One of the biggest revelations from the interview was about how she found out that her father was not her biological father.

    She said while it was shocking to learn, it helped her have a stronger relationship with her father and he is supportive of her decision to find her biological father

    Personal Struggles: Facing an Eating Disorder

    The 46-year-old actress spoke about her struggles with eating disorders and how in college this led to her having a lot of suicidal thoughts.

    She also revealed that finding out the truth about her father is what led to her developing an eating disorder.

    One of the most startling disclosures involves a childhood trauma where a boy allegedly touched her inappropriately during sleepovers while she was in bed, unbeknownst to her at the time. 

    Upon realizing the offense, she chose to keep the assault a secret. As she mentions in her book, the boy was “not built to withstand the pain of facing the consequences of his actions.”

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    In sharing these profound and painful experiences from her past, Kerry Washington embarks on a journey of healing and advocacy. Her openness about these previously concealed experiences reflects her resilience.