'Bhai aise toh din nahi aaye' Vicky Kaushal's whirlwind 2023, from Gulmarg Festival to baby speculations

    Bollywood heartthrob Vicky Kaushal takes the stage at the 2023 Gulmarg Festival, organized by the Indian Army, while addressing personal life rumors in a candid interview.

    <p>Vicky Kaushal (Source: X)</p>

    Vicky Kaushal (Source: X)

    When one thinks of Bollywood royalty in recent years, Vicky Kaushal stands tall and radiant. The actor, known for his magnetic screen presence, has rapidly scaled the cinematic ladder to the hearts of fans. And yet, beyond the glam and glitz, Kaushal's affable personality and his spontaneous dance breaks keep his fandom thriving.

    Dancing with the Stars... and the Soldiers

    This year, at the 2023 Gulmarg Festival in the picturesque meadows of Jammu & Kashmir, Vicky's charm was on full display. Organized by none other than the gallant Indian Army, as reported by Pinkvilla, Vicky graced the event in casual yet stylish attire that had fans and attendees clicking away for that perfect shot. And, true to his spirit, he couldn't resist swaying to the beats of the catchy Punjabi track, 'Palazzo'. The crowd's roars of approval were evident – Kaushal was indeed the highlight of the festival.

    Vicky Kaushal: Candid Conversations and Upcoming Capers

    Vicky Kaushal (Source: Masala)

    In a refreshing tête-à-tête with Radio City India, Vicky faced the ever-looming question about his and Katrina Kaif's potential future additions (read: babies). With his signature wit, he quipped, "Koi bhi nahi daal raha. Vaise bade cool hain. (No one. They are cool people)." Kaushal, always a man of mystery, also spilled the beans on who were the first to learn about his budding romance with the stunning Katrina Kaif. Turns out, it was a joint session with mommy and daddy dearest. As for believing their superstar son's revelations? Vicky amusingly pondered, "Vaise toh kar hi lia that (I think they did believe me)."

    On the professional front, Vicky is gearing up for his much-anticipated release, 'The Great Indian Family', slated to hit the screens on September 22. And if that's not enough to get fans revved up, there's a slate of intriguing projects awaiting, from 'Sam Bahadur' to 'Dunki' and 'Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam'.

    It's clear as day - 2023 seems to be the year Vicky Kaushal is set to dance, dazzle, and deliver!

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