Dave Franco opened up on working with James Franco in The Disaster Artist

    Back in 2017 Dave Franco finally teamed up with brother James in The Disaster Artist. He revealed the joy of working with family, and his new life as a married man in an interview. 

    Dave Franco and James Franco (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

    Dave Franco and James Franco (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

    It was a cinematic reunion that fans hadn't realized they were eagerly waiting for until it happened: Dave Franco joining forces with his older brother James Franco in the critically acclaimed film The Disaster Artist. James, already an established figure in Hollywood, had been courting Dave for some time to come aboard on a project. Finally, with The Disaster Artist, a film that took a comedic yet heartwarming look at the creation of cult classic The Room, the stars aligned. "Brothers should stick together!" James professed, encapsulating a sentiment that clearly transcended the film's narrative and resonated within their familial ties.

    Dave, however, was cautious about not riding his brother's coattails, "I wanted to make a name for myself, and as much as I love him and respect him, I just wanted it to be separate," he reflected. This endeavor to carve out his own identity in the sprawling universe of Hollywood was not just admirable but also relatable to many who strive to step out of the shadows of a successful sibling.

    Dave Franco's dual celebration

    This poignant period of Dave's career dovetailed beautifully with another major life milestone: his marriage. After secretly tying the knot in March with actress Alison Brie, who also stars in The Disaster Artist, Dave couldn't help but gush over his newlywed life, stating, "I feel settled, I feel freed, I feel happy." His ability to find both personal and professional fulfillment served as a heartfelt reminder of the joys that come with balancing love and career.

    The Franco brothers not only found synergy on set but also an affirmation of their mutual admiration for Alison Brie's talent, particularly her work in the series Glow. James became a fan, devouring the show almost instantaneously, while Dave, with sparkling pride, didn't shy away from expressing a desire to work alongside his wife, reinforcing the family-centric theme that underpins their narrative.

    Revisiting the Franco legacy

    Today, as we reminisce about the brotherly duo’s shared journey, we also ponder where they stand now. The Francos have since continued to make waves in their individual careers while supporting each other’s endeavors, constantly reminding us of the power of family in the backdrop of the ever-competitive entertainment industry.

    Their story remains not just a beacon for sibling collaboration but also a testament to the timelessness of their bond — both as brothers and as actors. The joy and comfort of working with family, as Dave pointed out, "makes it really easy as an actor... knowing that no one is going to judge you," speaks volumes about the supportive environment that they have cultivated. As the Francos continue to evolve and inspire, their narrative serves as a powerful narrative of ambition, unity, and the irreplaceable strength found in family ties.

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