Diving deep: How Keira Knightley and Carrie Coon confronted sexism in Boston Strangler

    Keira Knightley's brush with the notorious Boston accent and her portrayal in the Boston Strangler showcases her diverse acting prowess and unique cinematic choices.

    Carrie Coon and Keira Knightley (Source: Just Jared)

    Keira Knightley: The Boston Accent Affair

    Ah, the charming allure of the Boston accent! Yet for acclaimed British actress Keira Knightley, this allure remained tantalizingly out of reach during her stint on the Boston Strangler. Why, you ask? Let's delve into the bustling premiere nights and behind-the-scenes banter that shaped this enthralling production.

    Knightley & Coon: The Accent Ambitions

    Boston's charm, while seamlessly woven into the movie's dialogue, was an accent both Knightley and her stellar co-star, Carrie Coon, were forbidden to mimic. The duo's shared ambition to perfect the Boston twang was regrettably cut short by their director, Matt Ruskin. As Knightley candidly revealed, "All of the actors were very disappointed... people are very opinionated about that accent." 

    But beyond the accent intrigue, the story's essence lay in the portrayal of two intrepid journalists. Knightley, taking on the persona of Loretta McLaughlin, and Coon, embodying Jean Cole, shed light on a critical angle often overlooked - the women's perspective in a crime saga.

    A Stranglehold on Sexism

    Knightley and Coon, two veritable titans of cinema, weren't just battling fictional crimes. Their on-screen roles threw into sharp relief the all-too-familiar challenges faced by women in a professional setting. "I don't think there's any woman anywhere who hasn't been underestimated in their career," voiced a contemplative Knightley.

    Ruskin's rendition of the Boston Strangler surpassed mere crime drama. Instead, it pivoted around the indomitable spirit of McLaughlin and Cole, two journalists undeterred by societal norms. The film's feminist undertones, beautifully captured by Knightley and Coon's performances, were testament to their unparalleled acting prowess and the story's undeniable relevance.

    Reimagining Crime Drama with Ruskin

    Ruskin's intent was never to create just another serial-killer movie. Instead, his affinity for McLaughlin and Cole's narrative, coupled with the nuanced portrayals by Knightley and Coon, resulted in a cinematic masterpiece. With stellar names like Chris Cooper and Alessandro Nivola adding to the mix, Boston Strangler was destined for acclaim.

    As fans eagerly await the movie's Hulu debut, the behind-the-scenes tales of forbidden accents, journalistic integrity, and professional challenges provide a delicious backstory to this cinematic gem.

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