Absolutely livid!: Jason Momoa's regret over Aquaman's test screenings may lead him to Lobo

    Jason Momoa was "absolutely livid" after disastrous test screenings of the highly anticipated sequel, "Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom." The first Aquaman film grossed over $1 billion, setting high stakes for its successor. Could the sequel's failure sink Momoa's future in the DC universe?

    Jason Momoa (Source: IMDB)

    Jason Momoa (Source: IMDB)

    The Jason Momoa Outburst That Shattered Aquaman's Kingdom

    He's the King of Atlantis on screen, but Jason Momoa wasn't feeling so royal after disastrous test screenings of "Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom." A far cry from its billion-dollar predecessor, the sequel seems to be drowning in its own hype.

    When "Horror Specialist" Goes Overboard

    As reported by movie insider Jeff Sneider, Director James Wan, known for his horror repertoire, was unable to replicate the billion-dollar magic of the original Aquaman. Despite Wan's dark and unique vision, the sequel appears to be sinking ship with audiences walking out of test screenings.

    Jason Momoa (Source: Nerdbot)

    Lobo: Momoa's Exit Strategy?

    Momoa is reportedly eyeing a fresh start in the DC Comics universe, considering a shift to another character—Lobo. "The film was cut from a lot of material and left all test subjects unhappy with the result," says Sneider. It's a far cry from the optimism that accompanied the first film, which was the only venture in the extinct DCEU to cross the billion-dollar milestone.

    "It's Not the Story James Gunn Had in Mind"

    While fingers are quick to point at Momoa as the problem, sources say the narrative doesn't align with what DC Comics big boss James Gunn envisioned. There's still time for redemption, though, with a December 2023 release date. The team has the chance for new reshoots, a silver lining in this cloud of uncertainty.

    Jason Momoa (Source: Digital Spy)

    "People were walking out of the film because they really didn't like it," reported Sneider. Critics who are usually eager to chime in have opted for a hushed tone, avoiding comments due to the disastrous nature of the screenings.

    Could the King of Atlantis rebound? With James Wan still at the helm and the potential for reshoots, there's a glimmer of hope that "Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom" may yet find its sea legs. Jason Momoa, however, might be swimming in different waters soon if Lobo becomes his new kingdom.

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