Florence Pugh's bold gown: scandal or statement? Reliving the 2022 Valentino couture show controversy

    Step back in time to the unforgettable moment when Florence Pugh stunned everyone in a daring Valentino gown. This throwback revisits the 2022 controversy and charm of the bold pink gown event.

    Florence Pugh (Source: WWD)

    Florence Pugh (Source: WWD)

    Step back in time with us to a moment filled with dazzling splendor and controversy. Relive the unforgettable night in 2022, when Florence Pugh graced the red carpet of the Valentino Haute Couture Show in Rome, emanating sheer audacity in a bold pink gown. "Technically they're covered?" These were the playful words Pugh shared on her Instagram, addressing the widespread stir about her attire. As she stepped onto the limelight, the then-26-year-old Midsommar and Black Widow star left the onlookers in awe and whispers, draped in a Barbie-pink tulle Valentino gown.

    “Feeling magical,” the starlet admitted, while thanking her team for making her “pink princess dreams come true.” This unforgettable moment perfectly captured Florence Pugh’s essence, merging her vibrant and daring personality with Valentino’s distinct elegance. Tagging Pierpaolo Piccioli as an "absolute genius," Pugh flaunted her new septum piercing, paired with bright pink platform pumps and geometric earrings.

    The dress that divided opinions

    Florence Pugh was not the only one to embrace the signature pink color at the Fashion Week. Stars from Anne Hathaway to Ariana DeBose were spotted reveling in the hue. The overwhelming pink trend was a remarkable sight to behold, but it was Pugh's choice of attire that undeniably stole the spotlight.

    Anne Hathaway (Source: Harper's Bazaar)

    A look back

    One can't help but recall the allure and confidence of Florence Pugh as she boldly navigated the sea of criticisms and compliments that flooded her way post-event. With Piccioli’s PP Pink, a unique collaboration with Pantone, Pugh’s choice of dress from Valentino's Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2022-23 Collection reflected her fearless and enchanting spirit.

    Years down the line, this mesmerizing night and Florence Pugh’s audacious fashion choice continue to resonate. Despite the mixed opinions, her courage and elegance shine, reaffirming her position as an inspiring fashion icon.

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