From $132 million box office to Netflix's #1: The unstoppable journey of Denzel’s 2 Guns!

    Denzel Washington proved his versatility once again as his action comedy 2 Guns dominated Netflix charts. Previously released in 2013, the film remains a testament to Denzel’s enduring appeal.

    Denzel Washington (Source: Glamour)

    Denzel Washington (Source: Glamour)

    As the sun set in 2013, Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg painted the screens with laughter and bullets in their action comedy 2 Guns. Fast forward a decade, and the film's magnetic charm has made it dominate the Netflix charts. Few can forget when this blockbuster, rooted in wit and explosive drama, took over our screens. Let's take a trip down memory lane to rediscover the magic.

    Guns, Wisecracks, and Double Crosses

    Directed by Baltasar Kormakur, 2 Guns placed Denzel in a whirlwind of comedy and action, something not often seen by the Academy Award-winning actor. As reported by Giant Freakin Robot in 2023, the film's addition to Netflix was met with an explosive response, shooting straight to #1.

    The narrative followed undercover DEA agent Bobby Trench (Washington) and U.S. Navy intelligence officer Marcus Stigman (Wahlberg), both oblivious to each other's true identity. Their explosive dynamics, blended with deception, turned every scene into an edge-of-the-seat thriller. The unexpected twists, against a backdrop of Mexican drug cartels and double-crossing, kept audiences gripped.

    2 Guns (Source: Roger Ebert)

    Beyond the Shootouts: A Stellar Ensemble

    The film wasn't just a Washington-Wahlberg show. 2 Guns boasted a robust supporting cast, including the likes of Paula Patton, Bill Paxton, and Edward James Olmos. These performances, combined with the gripping narrative inspired by Steven Grant and Mateus Santolouco's comic book series, created a spectacle that was hard to resist.

    While the film faced mixed reviews, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 64 percent, "Denzel Washington received heaps of praise for venturing outside of his comfort zone," reminding us that the legend could conquer any genre.

    Box Office to Netflix Domination

    Despite the varied opinions, Denzel’s drawing power was undeniable. Opening with a whopping $27 million, the movie raked in nearly $132 million globally. Considering its modest budget of $61 million, calling 2 Guns a smashing success would be an understatement.

    2 Guns (Source: Netflix)

    A decade later, its triumphant run on Netflix reaffirms the universal appeal and lasting legacy of the film. While audiences re-embrace the magic of 2 Guns, Denzel prepares to dazzle us once again with The Equalizer 3, teasing a new cinematic treat for fans worldwide.

    In the vast landscape of Denzel Washington's filmography, 2 Guns stands out, blending action and humor in a package that's pure entertainment. As the film enjoys its second wind on streaming platforms, it reminds us why, when it comes to Hollywood royalty, Denzel is in a league of his own.

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