Graham Parker: From raucous rocker to revered songwriter - New album out

    Iconic artist Graham Parker stirs buzz with his latest record, reminiscent of his classic tracks. Decades in, Parker still brings the same passion, evolving yet rooted in his unmistakable style.

    Graham Parker (Source: Billboard)

    Graham Parker (Source: Billboard)

    Graham Parker's voice has been a stalwart on the rock scene for decades. But with his newest record, "Last Chance to Learn the Twist," the maestro shows he still knows how to strike a chord with both fans and critics.

    "Refreshing" is how Parker described the process of creating this latest masterpiece. Indeed, with rave reviews echoing the sentiments of his previous groundbreaking albums, there's no doubt the artist remains at the pinnacle of his game. Speaking about the thrill of songwriting, Parker mused, “It’s a complicated process but it just very rewarding.” His ability to churn out hits remains undiminished, affirming that after so many years, he still possesses the touch of Midas.

    From the days with 'The Rumour' delivering anthems like "Heat Treatment" and "Squeezing Out Sparks," to his more recent solo endeavors, one thing is clear: Parker's music evolves, but his essence remains consistent. On his songwriting, he divulged, "I have no idea where it’s coming from... I don’t put it down to anything clever from me."

    A Career in Crescendo

    Graham Parker (Source: CNN)

    Parker's adaptability, both in the studio and on stage, is commendable. He rightly points out, “When you play live as much as I do, often solo, you learn a lot and that’s what you have to do - keep changing as you go along." His approach isn’t static. Songs morph in live settings, and Parker welcomes these alterations, viewing them as vital elements of the creative process.

    His upcoming gigs promise to be electrifying, especially with the accompaniment of the Gold Tops, the same band that graced his previous album, "Cloud Symbols." And the inclusion of former Rumour guitarist, Martin Belmont, guarantees some memorable rifts and maybe a few playful debates. "Martin [is] good to have around. It means we can argue about how a song goes," Parker jested.

    Recalling the evolution of his voice and style, Parker acknowledged the shifts, saying, "In the old days my voice was very raucous... You learn a lot, that’s what you have to do - keep changing as you go along." However, pride in his work from the early 80s to his latest creation remains unwavering. He champions them all, recognizing them as products of their respective times.

    With a multifaceted career, how does he define himself? Simply, as a singer-songwriter. As for his upcoming tour, expect some fresh additions with two backing singers joining the ensemble. "I think my face might be cracking up quite a bit. It will be a very joyful experience.”

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