Hideo Kojima & Guillermo del Toro: The power duo we almost saw in 'Silent Hills'

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    <p>Hideo Kojima &amp; Guillermo del Toro</p>

    Hideo Kojima &amp; Guillermo del Toro

    Years have passed, yet the entertainment industry still fondly remembers the thrilling news from 2016 about the speculated collaboration between two legends – Hideo Kojima, the mastermind behind 'Metal Gear', and renowned film director Guillermo del Toro.

    A friendship set in the glittering lights of Tokyo

    Their camaraderie, sealed with karaoke nights in Tokyo, wasn't just confined to casual outings. Their professional admiration for one another was evident to the world. Guillermo, with a hint of admiration in his voice, had once emphatically declared about Kojima, "I'll do whatever the fuck he wants," gesturing towards the gaming genius. Such powerful sentiments clearly captured the mutual respect between these two titans of their industries.

    Dreams, games, and missed opportunities

    Amid the glitz and glamour of the DICE Summit in Las Vegas, where the two openly conversed about their bond and potential projects, a glimmer of hope emerged for fans worldwide. Hideo Kojima, having parted ways with game publisher Konami, voiced his desire to work on passion projects, especially with Guillermo. "Of course, I'd love to," he'd said.

    Kojima's newfound independence seemed like the dawn of a new era. "I feel extremely free right now," he'd stated, full of promise and the urge to produce something grandiose. But alas, fate had its own course. Despite the electrifying potential of their collaboration on 'Silent Hills', starring Norman Reedus, the universe had other plans.

    Hideo Kojima & Guillermo del Toro

    The admiration between them wasn't just professional. Kojima found himself engrossed in 'Pan's Labyrinth', while Guillermo couldn't help but gush about the iconic "Psycho Mantis" scene from 1997's 'Metal Gear Solid'. "It crystallized my admiration for him," Del Toro reminisced.

    Echoes from the past...

    Now, in today's era, we look back wistfully, wondering about the 'what ifs'. What if Kojima and del Toro had graced the world with their dream project? One thing remains unchanged: the powerful legacy of their friendship and the tantalizing dreams of a collaboration that could have shaken the world.

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