Jada Pinkett Smith’s throwback clip with Tupac Shakur stirs controversy: What would Will Smith say?

    Jada Pinkett Smith faces heated backlash after sharing a heartfelt, nostalgic video with Tupac, lip-syncing to a Will Smith song. Fans question her respect for her husband amidst this sentimental share.

    <p>Jada Pinkett Smith (Source: People)</p>

    Jada Pinkett Smith (Source: People)

    Jada Pinkett Smith’s nostalgic trip down memory lane has set the social media world aflame. As she relished the memories of her and Tupac Shakur, many fans and followers didn’t share in her warm sentiments. The now controversial Instagram post, hinting at a chapter in her upcoming book, Worthy, displayed Jada and Tupac, heartily dancing and lip-syncing to Will Smith’s 1988 hit, Parents Just Don’t Understand.

    A blast from the past

    “The emasculation and disrespect is so insane at this point – if she didn’t know where then bones were buried dude woulda been gone,” commented Richie Dollaz under The Shade Room’s repost of the video. Social media platforms buzzed with fans accusing Jada Pinkett Smith of showing disrespect to Will Smith by the untimely share. A multitude of comments expressed discontent and doubt over her current relationship status with Will, juxtaposed with her continual fond reminiscing of the past with Tupac.

    Memories marred by backlash

    Despite the criticisms, there were also voices of support. “How is it disrespectful to remember somebody who was important to her that passed away? Y’all really acting like the man ain’t been dead for decades WTF CAN HE DO?!” argued one defender amidst the online chaos. Yet, the overwhelming scrutiny only seems to mount, making it increasingly difficult for Jada to bask in the memories without facing public reproof.

    Jada in the eye of the storm

    No stranger to the harsh light of public controversy, Jada has been in the hot seat ever since her now-infamous entanglement with R&B singer August Alsina in 2020. The recent 2022 Oscar incident, involving Will Smith’s confrontation with Chris Rock over a joke about his wife, only added fuel to the raging fire of public scrutiny that the Smith family seems unable to escape.

    In her Instagram post, Jada Pinkett Smith called the shared video a “tangible memory, of the last time Pac and I, were simply kids together.” Despite her intentions of cherishing and sharing her past, the current turmoil underscores the complexity of celebrity relationships, past connections, and the relentless gaze and judgment of the public eye.

    In this digital era where every post and share are under the microscope, navigating the thin line between personal expression and public expectation proves to be a delicate dance, one that Jada Pinkett Smith is learning as she continues to share pieces of her life with the world.

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