Jonathan Majors on Michael B. Jordan's rise to fame: 'Today, brother, you go from man to god'

    Throwback to when Michael B. Jordan received his Hollywood Walk of Fame star and was poignantly hailed by co-stars Jonathan Majors and Ryan Coogler. Majors likened Jordan to a god while Coogler praised their collaborative journey.

    Michael B Jordan (Source: Los Angeles Times)

    Michael B Jordan (Source: Los Angeles Times)

    If you ever wanted to witness raw emotions and heartfelt tributes in Hollywood, March 2, 2023, was the date to mark. The day the Creed III sensation, Michael B. Jordan, popularly teased by his co-star Jonathan Majors as Michael B. Handsome, was etched into the legendary grounds of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    The Majors-Michael bromance

    "I love my brother," Majors said with unmistakable emotion. He went on to artfully weave a tale around Jordan's on-screen and off-screen persona, drawing parallels to the mythical hero, Hercules. “Michael, to me, represents a mythical character," Majors exclaimed, subtly highlighting the awe and reverence the actor’s role in Creed as Adonis has generated.

    Revisiting their journey, it’s fascinating how Creed III, directed by Jordan and produced by Ryan Coogler, showcased the two stars - Jordan and Jonathan Majors - in roles that transcended the typical hero-villain binary. Portraying childhood friends turned boxing adversaries, the duo also later teamed up as antagonists in the vast Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    But beyond the limelight, it's the personal anecdotes that linger. Majors recalled inviting Black students from Yale's School of Drama to a screening of Creed II, underscoring how Jordan was the representation they all sought. "That’s the guy I know, and that’s the guy I’ve come to love," Majors stated, reminiscing a touching moment when Jordan comforted him post an on-set injury.

    Coogler's connection

    The Black Panther genius, Ryan Coogler, wasn't far behind in singing praises. Having collaborated with Jordan on numerous blockbusters, including the Creed series and the heart-wrenching Fruitvale Station, Coogler felt like the luckiest director on the planet. He took the audience on a reminiscent journey, outlining a decade of collaboration. “It’s been the ride of a lifetime, man,” Coogler shared with the world.

    The dream chaser

    It wasn't just a day of receiving honors for Jordan, but a culmination of dreams and relentless hard work. Fighting back his tears, Jordan expressed his gratitude, specially spotlighting Majors' support. “Thank you to my brother, Jonathan Majors... It was a true honor to watch you and your genius every day," Jordan reminisced, emphasizing the deep bond the two shared during the Creed saga. While the Walk of Fame star is a testament to Jordan’s monumental achievements, it's the words of Jonathan Majors and Ryan Coogler that day that redefined the meaning of tribute.

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