Kevin James & Leah Remini celebrate The King of Queens silver jubilee

    25 years since its debut, Kevin James and Leah Remini celebrate the legacy of CBS's "The King of Queens". With fond memories and heartfelt messages, they relive sitcom magic.

    Kevin James and Leah Remini (Source: Nicki Swift)

    Kevin James and Leah Remini (Source: Nicki Swift)

    Who could forget the sitcom world's favorite delivery driver and his ever-patient wife? As "The King of Queens" clocks a whopping 25 years, Kevin James and Leah Remini, the dynamic duo behind Doug and Carrie Heffernan, are basking in a wave of sweet nostalgia.

    Reigning Over Our Hearts for 25 Years

    Premiering on September 21, 1998, the CBS show gifted us nine delightful seasons filled with laughs, quirky neighbors, and the memorable shenanigans of the late, phenomenal Jerry Stiller, playing Carrie’s offbeat dad, Arthur.

    Reminiscing about the iconic premiere, Kevin James took to Instagram, musing, “25 years ago today, we aired. I am so incredibly blessed…”He showered affection on his co-stars, particularly Leah Remini and Jerry Stiller, signing off with a heartwarming nod to the show's "GREATEST FANS in the world.”

    Leah Remini, always the heart of any gathering, celebrated the ensemble, praising the likes of Patton Oswalt, Nicole Sullivan, and others, expressing how they “made me laugh every day.” But what truly resonated was her ode to the fans. Remini's heartfelt gratitude was palpable as she acknowledged how fans found solace and comfort in reruns, how families, spanning three generations, bonded over the sitcom's unforgettable moments.

    King of Queens Cast (Source:TBS)

    A Royal Reunion and Everlasting Legacy

    Although the curtains came down on "The King of Queens" in 2007, James and Remini's camaraderie was rekindled a decade later. They starred together in the CBS comedy "Kevin Can Wait". Though it lasted only two seasons, the charm was unmistakable.

    For those yearning for a trip down memory lane, reruns of the beloved show can be caught on CMT and TV Land. Alternatively, binge-watchers can find solace on Peacock, streaming all nine seasons, letting the laughter resonate once more.

    So, as Kevin James and Leah Remini proudly walk through their cherished memories, it’s time for us to grab our popcorn and reacquaint ourselves with the Heffernans, reliving the best moments that "The King of Queens" bestowed upon us.

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