'Necrophilia, Cannibalism, and Crime': Showmax reveals the depths of serial killer Stewart Wilken

    Showmax unveils a chilling series on serial killer Stewart 'Boetie Boer' Wilken. With spine-tingling details and cinematic recreations, the series revisits his reign of terror in 1990s South Africa.

    Boetie Bear (Source: X)

    Boetie Bear (Source: X)

    In an era where true crime keeps viewers at the edge of their seats, Showmax, the African streaming giant, unveils a chilling dive into the life and crimes of Stewart 'Boetie Boer' Wilken, a man who terrorized South Africa in the 1990s. As the eerie trailer (which you can check out above) suggests, this series promises a thrilling journey back in time.

    From Port Elizabeth's Streets to Global Screens

    The 1990s were tumultuous times, especially in Port Elizabeth (renamed Gqeberha). And Wilken, with his sinister aura, capitalized on these turbulent times by preying on female sex workers and innocent young children. But what sets him apart? Jasyn Howes, the series director from Fifth Floor Films, revealed, “Wilken was a highly unusual serial killer... He also claimed to engage in necrophilia and cannibalism with his victims.” A statement that might be bone-chilling for many.

    Blurring Reality with Reel

    While it's critical to keep the authenticity of such a tale, the lack of substantial video or radio archives has propelled the creators to blend real-life events with dramatic recreations. “We had to lean into recreations to bring the story to life visually,” noted Howes, hinting at an enhanced cinematic experience for viewers. And with Raven Swart portraying the dark character of Wilken, the series is expected to reach new heights.

    A part of this chilling narrative includes insights from Dr. Gérard Labuschagne of the South African Police Services, who holds conversations with Wilken. Their dialogues form a sharp contrast with accounts from Georgina Zweni's family – one of Wilken's victims – and his children, Sonika and Sergius, painting a comprehensive picture of the man and the myth.

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    Showmax, with its burgeoning true crime library, including titles like "Rosemary’s Hitlist" and "Devilsdorp", is set to take the true-crime genre by storm with 'Boetie Boer'. Allan Sperling, Executive Head of Content at Showmax, however, warns, “This is not for sensitive viewers, especially hearing the description of the crimes in the killer’s own words.”

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