Scott Wolf & Lacey Chabert reunite for Hallmark's A Merry Scottish Christmas

    Scott Wolf stars alongside Lacey Chabert in Hallmark's "A Merry Scottish Christmas," offering a glimpse into his enduring marriage with Kelley Limp.

    Scott Wolf & Lacey Chabert (Source: People)

    Scott Wolf & Lacey Chabert (Source: People)

    Scott Wolf, renowned for his role in "Party of Five," is making a spirited return to the Hallmark Channel with former co-star Lacey Chabert in "A Merry Scottish Christmas." Premiering on Saturday night, November 18, as part of the network’s Countdown to Christmas celebration, the film sees Wolf and Chabert playing siblings in a story that captures the essence of holiday cheer. "You can see Scott in action with Lacey again on Saturday at 8 pm ET on the Hallmark Channel,", indicating an anticipated reunion for fans of both actors.

    Behind the Scenes: Scott Wolf’s Enduring Marriage

    While the Hallmark movie focuses on festive themes, fans are equally interested in Scott Wolf’s real-life romance. Happily married to Kelley Limp since 2004, Wolf's relationship has stood the test of time. Kelley, familiar to many from her stint on "The Real World: New Orleans" in 2000, caught Wolf’s eye on a blind date in 2002—a meeting that nearly didn’t happen due to a twist of fate involving New York traffic.

    Scott Wolf & Lacey Chabert (Source: TV Insider)

    "She made it under the wire and 17 years later and three kids later, I’m fine with it," Wolf jovially recounted to Access Daily, highlighting the serendipity of their relationship. This anecdote offers a glimpse into the couple's enduring connection, marked by understanding and patience.

    Celebrity Love and Family Life

    Scott and Kelley's journey from a near-miss blind date to a loving family with sons Jackson and Miller and daughter Lucy showcases the strength of their bond. The couple's story, alongside Scott's celebrated return to the small screen, underscores the harmonious balance between his professional and personal life.

    Scott Wolf's return to the Hallmark Channel with "A Merry Scottish Christmas," co-starring Lacey Chabert, is not just a highlight of his acting career but also a celebration of his enduring marriage with Kelley Limp. As Wolf graces the screen this holiday season, his off-screen life remains a testament to lasting love and family.

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