Sebastian Stan to steal the Marvel spotlight: smaller role in Captain America 4, but headlining Thunderbolts

    Rummaging through past events, we reveal Sebastian Stan's transformation from Bucky Barnes to a potential leader in coming Thunderbolts cast. 

    <p>&nbsp;Sebastian Stan (Source: IMDB)</p>

    &nbsp;Sebastian Stan (Source: IMDB)

    It's always amusing to peek into the rearview mirror of Hollywood. Examining the fascinating journey of Sebastian Stan, aka Bucky Barnes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), we find intriguing tales to tell. As reported by The Direct in 2023, the trajectory of Stan's role has been quite the roller coaster. 

    Sebastian’s Rocky Road in MCU

    Stan, known for his brooding character in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier alongside Anthony Mackie, was rumoured for a contested role in Captain America: New World Order. Regardless, he was stamped for another appearance in Thunderbolts in 2024, transforming him from a side character to a heroic lead.

    Was the shift a case of Stan longing for some "me-time"? Stan had quipped about needing time away from Mackie but admirers were hopeful about the two Infinity Saga Heroes reuniting in the next Captain America flick. 

    Sebastian Stan's Surprise Stop in Captain America 4

    Winter Soilder (Source:ED92)

    Per a report from The Cosmic Circus, even though Stan wasn't officially announced at the D23 Fan Expo, sources hinted at a guest appearance by Bucky in Captain America 4. 

    The script revisions suggested a possible augmentation or minimization of his role. One thing seemed certain though – Bucky was to feature in the movie, albeit briefly. 

    Bucky's Backseat Ride in Captain America 4: A Calculated Move?

    An interesting footnote in the MCU saga was the transformation of Mackie from the Falcon to Captain America. This transformation was documented in *The Falcon and The Winter Soldier*, setting the duo against the backdrop of a post-Avengers: Endgame world. Despite ending on a note of Bucky embracing his past, his future seemed detached from his partner's.

    Bucky had begun his collaboration with Sam only in Captain America: Civil War, lacking the camaraderie he shared with Steve Rogers in Phase 1. Consequently, Bucky was expected to stand in the shadows in Captain America 4.

    From Sidekick to Lead: Bucky's Awaited Evolution

    Bucky's part in Captain America 4 might have been downsized, but Thunderbolts earmarked him for a lead role, a notable shift since his 2021 Disney+ show. This shift promised an exhilarating ride for Stan in the MCU in the future.

    Thunderbolts (Source: Ma)

    From a turbulent journey in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier to uncertainties in Captain America 4 and his eventual rise in Thunderbolts, Stan was ever the vital cog in MCU's grand plan. We eagerly anticipate the premiere of Captain America: New World Order in theatres on May 3, 2024!

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