'Sophie Turner's rain-soaked adventure with Priyanka Chopra': Inside their Mustique getaway

    Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra, and Danielle Jonas share a rain-soaked memory in Mustique before COVID-19 changed everything. Priyanka and Nick Jonas' life journey from honeymoon to welcoming Malti Marie.

    'Sophie Turner's rain-soaked adventure with Priyanka Chopra': Inside their Mustique getaway

    Remember the good old days before masks and social distancing? Sophie Turner certainly does, especially her unforgettable Caribbean adventure with close pal Priyanka Chopra. As reported by Hindustan Times, this throwback reveals the close bond Sophie Turner shares with Bollywood's global sensation, Priyanka Chopra.

    It was a holiday like no other. On Mustique, a pristine private island, Sophie, along with Danielle Jonas, joined Priyanka and the Jonas brothers, cherishing moments that are now gold in the post-pandemic world. “One day, we spouses were driving around the island in our golf carts, and the skies burst right open,” Priyanka reminisced about that fateful day. But instead of seeking shelter, they embraced the moment, letting the rain drench them.

    Priyanka Chopra (Source: CNN)

    That wasn’t the end of their magical day. "When we returned home, we decided to stay wet and jumped in the pool for a swim. Later, we likely got pizza at Firefly... and ended the night with karaoke," Priyanka shared. Ah, to be a fly on that wall! Witnessing Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra belting out Mariah or Whitney hits is the stuff of dreams. “Having days like this with the people I'm close to is what vacation is all about,” Priyanka added.

    From walking as bridesmaids at Priyanka's grand wedding in Rajasthan to having impromptu rain-soaked adventures in the Caribbean, Sophie and Priyanka's bond seems tighter than ever. And it's clear that these memories were made just in time. Shortly after their idyllic vacation, the world plunged into uncertainty with the Covid-19 pandemic.

    But life wasn't all rain and gloom for Priyanka and Nick. The couple announced the arrival of their baby girl, Malti Marie Chopra Jonas, in January 2022. They embarked on their parenting journey with enthusiasm, celebrating their daughter's first Holi, Diwali, and Christmas.

    For now, as we brave the new world, these memories serve as a beacon of hope, a reminder of the good times, and a promise of many more to come. And through it all, the bond between Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra stands as a testament to friendship, love, and living in the moment.

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