The action hero & comedian: Unraveling Jason Statham & Melissa McCarthy's hilarious 'Spy' chemistry!

    On the set of 'Spy', action star Jason Statham unexpectedly had comedy queen Melissa McCarthy bursting into laughter.

    Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham (Source: BBC)

    Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham (Source: BBC)

    Jason Statham: The Unexpected Comedy Muse for Melissa McCarthy

    When you think of laughter on set, perhaps Jason Statham, known for his action-packed roles, doesn't immediately come to mind. Yet, for the queen of comedy Melissa McCarthy, he was an unexpected source of endless chuckles during the filming of 'Spy', as reported by People.

    The Comedy-Action Cocktail

    Melissa McCarthy, renowned for sharing the screen with some of the funniest people on the planet, often maintains her composure, not letting out a giggle. However, this action hero turned comedic partner-in-crime seemed to break that streak. "I broke [character] a lot with him," McCarthy revealed, especially when the intense Statham got "really close to my face."

    Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham (Source: EW)

    Despite McCarthy's best efforts, she admits to often succumbing to Statham's comedic charms. She fears being perceived as someone who's laughing at her own skits, adding, "In comedy, McCarthy says, 'nothing is grosser' than laughing at your own jokes." However, Statham, with his intense antics, seemed to be the exception.

    Statham's Hidden Comedy Genius

    It's easy to box Statham as just an action hero, but McCarthy begs to differ. She believes that he's an underrated comedic actor, recalling his performances, like the one in 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels'. In 'Spy', while Statham might've seemed effortlessly humorous, McCarthy had her challenges when diving into his action-packed world.

    Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy (Source: IMDb)

    Venturing into the world of stunts and fights wasn't all giggles for McCarthy. Recollecting a particularly daring scene, she reminisces about a helicopter stunt, where she dangled 40 to 50 feet above the ground. "Jason Statham is literally crawling up my body like a ladder. I was like, 'What am I doing and how did I get here?'"

    In Conclusion: An Unforgettable Pairing

    Who would've thought that Jason Statham, the quintessential action hero, would be the one to tickle Melissa McCarthy's funny bone on set? Their dynamic and unexpected chemistry behind the scenes paints a vivid picture of what must have been an enjoyable film-making experience. As the world saw the actor in a new light, we can't help but wonder: Is there anything Jason Statham can't do?

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