The Sandman on Netflix: Remembering the missing DC universe characters

    Revisiting 'The Sandman' series on Netflix, we uncover the DC Comics characters that were reshaped or omitted from the iconic original series.

    The Sandman (Source: Cine Pop)

    Nostalgia in Sand: The Journey from DC Comics to Netflix

    Over the years, Netflix has made a mark with its adaptations, but few as significant as "The Sandman." When it streamed live, the audience held its breath to see Neil Gaiman’s masterpiece transformed. As we take a trip down memory lane, we dive into the changes Netflix incorporated, highlighting the reshaping of iconic DC Comics characters.

    Key Character Twists and Omissions

    John Constantine's Swapped Persona: Arguably the most notable shift in character was John Constantine. This dynamic character played a pivotal role in "Dream a Little Dream of Me," the third Sandman issue. But, Netflix took a twist. “On Netflix, he's replaced by Johanna Constantine,” played by Jenna Coleman, casting the ancestral character from the original comics in a fresh light.

    From Etrigan to Squatterbloat

    In the original "A Hope in Hell," Morpheus is guided by DC’s Etrigan the Demon. However, Netflix saw fit to replace this Jack Kirby creation with Squatterbloat, another demon familiar to Sandman enthusiasts.

    Doctor Destiny's Changed Fate

    John Dee, albeit present in the Netflix adaptation, never fully embraced his notorious alter ego, Doctor Destiny. A notable Justice League antagonist, Doctor Destiny’s origins were deeply tied to the Dreamstone in the comics. Netflix, however, chose to present Dee’s connection with the Dreamstone in a darker, more personal light.

    The Silent Scarecrow

    An iconic villain from Batman’s Rogue Gallery, the Scarecrow, had made his cameo in the comics. Sharing Arkham Asylum with John Dee, Scarecrow's absence from Netflix's narrative is worth noting, particularly as he served as a bridge to Batman’s world.

    The Missing Justice League Threads

    Mister Miracle’s Unseen Nightmare: The original comics saw Mister Miracle, a.k.a. Scott Free, tormented by nightmares of his past. This significant connection to Doctor Destiny’s ruby was overlooked in the Netflix adaptation.

    Martian Manhunter's Unexplored Depth

    One of the most profound omissions was the Martian Manhunter's absence. In the comics, “J'onn sees Morpheus as the Martian god of dreams,” showcasing the vast and diverse universe that DC had built. Yet, Netflix took a different route, keeping the story tighter and more centered on Morpheus’s journey.

    As the sands of time shift, so do our perceptions. Netflix's take on 'The Sandman' may have diverged from its DC Comics origins, but it undoubtedly carved its path, bringing Gaiman's vision to a new generation.

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