Throwback 2022: When Woody Harrelson dived deep into social satire at Cannes

    Looking back at Cannes 2022: Woody Harrelson's intriguing insights into Triangle of Sadness, a film about the wealthy. With a touch of Marxism and his personal controversial views, Harrelson's presence is always noteworthy.

    Woody Harrelson (Source: NBC)

    Woody Harrelson (Source: NBC)

    Who could forget the glamorous sun-kissed streets of Cannes 2022, where stars shimmered brighter than the azure waters? Among them was the iconic Woody Harrelson, adding his own touch of spice to the glittering affair. Woody was in town, not just to relish the gourmet lunches with charming white dogs like Toto, but more importantly, to talk about his film, Ruben Östlund’s Triangle of Sadness. A witty take on the elite's extravagant life, where wealth often overshadows wisdom. A tale of a luxury yacht, the wealthy patrons aboard, and a captain, played by Harrelson, whose Marxist beliefs stir up a storm, both literally and metaphorically.

    Woody Harrelson (Source: Screen Goblin)

    However, the most intriguing part of Harrelson's character isn’t the captain's hat or the ship's wheel, but his stark similarity to Harrelson’s own beliefs. "I’m more of an anarchist," Woody confessed, displaying an affinity for certain Marxist ideals.

    Wading through controversies

    Yet, the breezy Cannes air wasn't devoid of controversy. A past Instagram post that Harrelson later removed, hinted at a conspiracy linking 5G networks to the pandemic's spread. While the world masked up, Woody stood firm in his belief against masks' efficacy. Despite his unconventional takes, 2020 was a busy year for him. The Man From Toronto being another feather in his action-packed hat.

    Woody Harrelson (Source: People)

    While reflecting on Triangle of Sadness, amidst the sparkle of Cannes' elite, Harrelson said, "It was just such an incredible experience. I just love the way he pulled this off to be so funny and so engaging and so meaningful, all at the same time."

    His initial reluctance towards the project took a sharp turn when he watched Östlund’s earlier works, sometimes you gotta be pushed to do the obvious thing. A quote that beautifully captures Harrelson's journey - unpredictable, controversial, yet always impactful.

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