Vinny Guadagnino's loyalty check: Won't date Sophie Turner due to Joe Jonas bond

    In a tea-spilling revelation, Vinny Guadagnino of 'Jersey Shore' fame hints at not pursuing Sophie Turner due to past friendship with estranged husband, Joe Jonas.

    <p>Vinny Guadagnino (Source: Newsweek)</p>

    Vinny Guadagnino (Source: Newsweek)

    They say bros before...well, you know the rest. It seems Vinny Guadagnino is living by that code. With Sophie Turner back in the singles market, one would think Vinny might take a shot, especially with whispers about Turner's admiration for his reality show. But alas! "I was... friends with Joe at a certain point, so that might get a little messy," the 35-year-old 'Jersey Shore Family Vacation' star admitted.

    Vegas: Where bromances are sealed

    Vinny and Joe's camaraderie dates back to a wild weekend in Las Vegas. Guadagnino nostalgically shares, "I hung out with him in Vegas for one weekend during the off years with the Jonas Brothers." While most of the world recognizes Sin City as the backdrop to Joe and Sophie's whirlwind wedding, Vinny cherishes it as the place that cemented his bond with the 'Burnin' Up' singer. And the mutual admiration is palpable. "He's a good guy," Vinny adds, dismissing any intention of pursuing the 'Game of Thrones' actress.

    Sophie and Joe's split: Not a fairytale ending

    It's public knowledge now. Joe Jonas stamped the end of his 'irretrievably broken' marital chapter with Sophie on September 5. Whispers around town hint at numerous disagreements and an eventual 'last resort' decision by Jonas. The fallout has been tumultuous with Sophie's legal attempts to bring their kids back to England, which Jonas vehemently opposes.

    New York city diaries: Where both parties drown their heartaches

    As the drama reaches its crescendo, both Jonas and Turner have been seeking solace in New York City. Sophie finds comfort with pop sensation and fellow Jonas-ex, Taylor Swift. Meanwhile, Joe basks in the company of his younger bro, Nick Jonas.

    But let's not stray too far. Vinny's revelation, albeit spiced with restraint and respect, adds a fascinating layer to the Jonas-Turner saga. And for all the 'Jersey Shore' enthusiasts, gear up! 'All-Star Shore' Season 2 premiered on 21 September 2023 on MTV.

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