BLACKPINK Jennie's agency responds to criticism after smoking on stylist's face allegations; backlash continues

    But before this apology, she received a lot of backlash for not showing appreciation for the artists who worked for her. 

    BLACKPINK's Jennie

    BLACKPINK's Jennie

    After facing considerable backlash for not just smoking indoors, which is illegal in many countries including South Korea, but also blowing smoke on her stylist's face, BLACKPINK's Jennie acknowledged and apologized for her actions. For those who are unaware, a now-deleted YouTube video had a scene of Jennie using a vape pen indoors. In the video, Jennie seemed to be smoking, but the main issue was that she was seen releasing smoke on the makeup artists who were working directly in front of her.

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    While the idol may face real-life consequences for smoking indoors, her agency, OA Entertainment, released a statement saying she apologizes to everyone who felt uncomfortable with the content. She also apologized to all the staff on-site who may have been affected.

    However, the public response to her apology has been largely negative. Many netizens feel that the apology was insufficient and that Jennie’s actions reflect poorly on her as a celebrity.

    But before this apology, she received a lot of backlash for not showing appreciation for the artists who worked for her. Numerous media sites questioned how a channel with Jennie's size could commit such an expensive error. 

    According to Wikitree, "The fact that her smoking controversy was sparked by friendly fire is a cause for pause. The fact that a channel that is watched worldwide would include footage of her smoking indoors is causing audiences to do a double-take".

    About Jennie:

    The rapper recently achieved a remarkable milestone in her solo career when the song she sang in collaboration with The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp 'One of the Girls' became one of the few artists whose at least one solo track has surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify. Released on December 8, 2023, the song is featured on the soundtrack of HBO's series 'The Idol,' which also faced backlash for its storyline.

    Her fans were also criticizing her label for its lack of promotions, such as updating social media, posting press releases, and so on. They also couldn’t understand why they would post low-quality images on her official social media accounts when there were high-quality versions of it.