BLACKPINK Lisa's set to release new music, but Jennie steals spotlight for all the wrong reasons

    On June 14, Lisa dropped a new TikTok video previewing an upcoming track.

    BLACKPINK Lisa and Jennie

    BLACKPINK Lisa and Jennie

    Caution is warranted in light of the inappropriate comments made by fans.

    Despite renewing their contract with YG Entertainment in 2023, there has been no news about any music release from BLACKPINK. However, the four women - Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa - have been working on solo projects. After Jennie released a few songs and had several collaborations, it is now Lisa's turn to shine. On June 14, Lisa dropped a new TikTok video previewing an upcoming track. 

    However, overshadowing her musical announcement is her bandmate Jennie, who has been trending for quite a few days, but all for the wrong reasons. The term "JENNIE SEOUL CYCLE" has become a trending topic with thousands of engagements on X (formerly known as Twitter). Used in a negative context, it revolves around her dating history, which has garnered considerable attention.

    Lisa's music:

    The BLACKPINK star made her solo debut on September 21 with her two-track single album 'LALISA', featuring the title track of the same name and 'Money'. Her last solo music endeavour was a feature on BigBang singer Taeyang's 'Shoong!' in April 2023. 

    Shortly after, she established her label called "LLOUD" and later announced a partnership with RCA Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music, for her upcoming solo releases. Sony Music Korea has confirmed that Lisa will be returning with new music soon, as reported by Korea JoongAng Daily.

    In the new clip she shared on her TikTok, Lisa is seen wearing a white baby tee and black miniskirt while posing for photos on the beach as boats cruise by behind her. In the end, she can be faintly heard saying, "Baby, I'm a rock star" in the 14-second video with an original sound labelled "TEASER".

    About the BLACKPINK members?

    The other three members, except Rosé, have all started their record labels. After Jennie founded 'ODD ATELIER,' Lisa announced 'LLOUD.' Jisoo has also ventured into the world of business, launching her label, BLISSOO, to support her independent endeavours as an actress and idol.

    The four members of BLACKPINK have released two complete albums over their almost eight-year career: "The Album" (2020), which has eight tracks, and "BORN PINK" (2022), which also has eight tracks. "Kill This Love" (2019) and "Square Up" (2018) are their mini-albums, with five and four tracks, respectively. Additionally, in August 2023, the promotional song "The Girls" was made available.