BLACKPINK's Instagram followers drop, BLINKs express frustration as they wait for a comeback

    Fans are particularly frustrated because, since their debut in 2016, BLACKPINK has only released a total of 32 songs.



    While other groups under YG Entertainment have already announced their comeback details, one group that has dropped no hints is BLACKPINK. The group, consisting of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, has been active since 2016 and renewed their contract with YG in 2023, but only for group activities. Before renewing the contract, the four girls were on the 'Born Pink World Tour' from October 15, 2022, until September 17, 2023. However, during this period, they hardly released any new music and primarily performed their older songs.

    The lack of news about a potential comeback in 2024 has not sat well with their fans, known as BLINKs. This dissatisfaction has led to a drop in their Instagram followers, with many fans even unsubscribing from their YouTube channel. Fans are particularly frustrated because, since their debut in 2016, BLACKPINK has only released a total of 32 songs. For a career spanning over seven years, this is a very small number of songs. This is also not the first time the group has gone on such a long hiatus.

    Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), fans are expressing their feelings that it seems the girls don't care about their fans anymore and only renewed with YG to cash in on BLACKPINK's fame while they expand their solo careers.

    BLACKPINK's discography:

    During their 7-year career, the four women of BLACKPINK have released two complete albums: "The Album" (2020), which had eight tracks, and "BORN PINK" (2022), which also had eight tracks. Their mini albums, "Kill This Love" (2019) and "Square Up" (2018), contain five and four tracks respectively. Additionally, the promotional track "The Girls" was released in August 2023.

    Where are the 4 BLACKPINK members?

    The members have chosen to part ways with YG Entertainment for their solo endeavours. Apart from Rosé, the remaining three members have established their labels. Jennie founded 'ODD ATELIER,' followed by Lisa's announcement of her company, 'LLOUD.' Jisoo has also ventured into entrepreneurship, launching her label 'BLISSOO' for solo promotions as an idol and actress.

    While there is no news regarding new group music, the idols are most probably preparing for their solo songs, collaborating with fashion brands, and making appearances on variety and fashion shows.