BTS' Jin discharged from military! From Namjoon playing saxophone, to Vmin's hug, how the 7 members reunited

    ARMY are all excited for the K-pop group's 11th debut anniversary celebration especially with Jin to be present for the event.

    BTS' Jin discharged from military

    BTS' Jin discharged from military

    It was nothing but chaotic when glo bal sensation BTS' eldest member Kim Seokjin completed his mandatory military service and emerged from the gates on June 12, only to be greeted by his bandmates, each in their unique style. As Jin walked through the Army Division, BTS members RM, J-hope, V, Jungkook, and Jimin gave him a warm welcome. Rapper Suga was not present but met the members later at the HYBE headquarters.

    What stood out to their fans, called ARMY, was the chaotic energy of the members, which showcased their strong bond and that nothing has changed over the years. From Kim Taehyung, aka V, becoming taller and more muscular, to leader Kim Namjoon playing the saxophone to their song 'DYNAMITE', to all of them hugging each other, especially the 95-liners V and Park Jimin — it made many emotional.

    Several photos and videos from their emotional reunion have been circulating on the Internet, especially on X (formerly known as Twitter). Soon, "Jin is back" became a huge trend worldwide.

    BTS in the military:

    For those unfamiliar, Jin began his 18-month mandatory military service at a boot camp near the North Korean border. After completing a five-week training period with fellow soldiers, he was assigned to an army unit. Following Jin, J-Hope enlisted and is also set to be discharged this year. 

    In December 2023, RM and V initiated their military service, followed by Jimin and Jungkook a day later. Suga is fulfilling his service as a social service agent due to his shoulder surgery. The seven members of BTS are expected to reunite in 2025 after completing their mandatory duties.

    BTS Festa:

    ARMY are all excited for the K-pop group's 11th debut anniversary celebration especially with Jin to be present for the event. The eldest singer from the group will hold a three-hour-long meet and greet with a selected group of fans on Thursday (June 13), which will also be streamed on Weverse. 

    On Tuesday (June 11), HYBE Labels' headquarters in Seoul displayed the word "APOBANGPO" in bold on their building as part of the celebration. The word is an acronym representing the enduring love and relationship between BTS and ARMY, similar to "Borahae," which means they will love and cherish each other forever.

    APOBANGPO translates to "ARMY forever, BANGTAN forever," and soon fans started trending the phrase using RM's latest album name to cheer. They said, "This is 'Right Sticker Right Place'."