Chinese boy group TNT members involved in car accident due to 'sasaeng' fans

    Liu Yaowen and Song Yaxuan were the targets of stalking by sasaeng (obsessive) fans.

    Chinese boy group TNT

    Chinese boy group TNT

    The Chinese boy band TNT (Teens in Times) were involved in a car accident. Liu Yaowen and Song Yaxuan were the targets of stalking by sasaeng (obsessive) fans, according to an article published in Oriental Daily on July 9. The "fans" rear-ended the group when they followed them in the eight-seater car. Both vehicles had significant dents as a result of the impact.

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    Soon after, TF Entertainment, their firm, gave fans an update. They informed them that Yaowen and Yaxuan were resting at their hotel and had not been hurt in the car accident. "Everyone is safe. We've made certain that none of our artists are injured, and there is no issue," TF Entertainment said.

    In addition, they "strongly condemn" the violent actions of the sasaeng supporters participating in the event and filed a police report against them. "Our company strongly condemns this type of private pursuit and vehicle following behaviour, and has reported the situation to the police and reported it to the relevant departments for legal processing," TF Entertainment stated.

    About TNT:

    The members of TNT are Yan Haoxiang, Liu Yaowen, He Junlin, Song Yaxuan, Zhang Zhenyuan, Ma Jiaqi, and Ding Chengxin. After TFBOYS and Typhoon Teens, this is Time Fengjun Entertainment's (TF Entertainment) third Chinese boy band. 

    A survival program called "Typhoon Project" is how TNT was formed. The group was supposed to have only 5 members, but Ding Chengxin and Ma Jiaqi didn't want to kick out anyone so they left the decision to the fans. TNT debuted on November 23, 2019, with their single "Wow Wa".