Did they not want to be separate? HYBE group fans clash online with NewJeans fans over exclusion from Grammy Museum exhibit

    HYBE groups including BTS, TXT, Fromis_9, ENHYPEN, Zico, BoyNextDoor, TWS, &Team, and Illit will be on display.

    HYBE's Grammy Museum exhibit

    HYBE's Grammy Museum exhibit

    The Grammy Museum's continuous effort to examine the music, culture, technology, fandom, and business behind Korean pop music will shortly include the opening of its first floor-to-ceiling K-pop exhibit. The South Korean entertainment business HYBE, responsible for K-pop sensation BTS and many other worldwide performers, collaborated with the Los Angeles museum and its archivists to offer fans a comprehensive look at the company's portfolio and their contributions to the K-pop scene.

    HYBE groups including BTS, TXT, Fromis_9, ENHYPEN, Zico, BoyNextDoor, TWS, &Team, and Illit will be on display. Notably missing from the roster is NewJeans, a girl group signed to Hybe's sublabel, ADOR.

    Following the disclosure of this information, NewJeans fans, called Bunnies, started to wonder why HYBE had omitted them and accused the brand of mistreating them. 

    Fans of other HYBE groups retorted, questioning NewJeans' and ADOR's desire to preserve their distinct identities. This sparked a contentious discussion on X (formerly known as Twitter).

    HYBE vs ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin:

    Since the conglomerate said that Min and her executives were trying to take over full control of ADOR, the two have been involved in a public spat. HYBE's assertions were denied by Min, who also stated that the disagreement arose as a result of her concerns that another girl group under them called Illit "was copying NewJeans."

    According to multiple news sources, including Borneo Bulletin, HYBE stated that "The participation of artists in the exhibition was up to their label’s decision" in response to the question of why NewJeans is not included in the lineup.

    About the exhibition:

    The show, "HYBE: We Believe in Music," will be on display at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles from August 2 to September 15. The space, which is 372 square meters, will feature objects that the artists and makers of HYBE have worn and created.

    Highlights will include unique ensembles from music videos for songs like "Easy" by Le Sserafim, "Sugar Rush Ride" by Tomorrow X Together, "Maestro" by Seventeen, "Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)" by BTS, and "Sweet Venom" by Enhypen. Zico, fromis_9, BoyNextDoor, TWS, &Team, and Illit are among the performers whose accessories and stage attire are on show.

    A photo booth where visitors can take pictures with their favourite K-pop stars and an immersive experience room with BTS's "Butter" performance from the 2022 Grammy Awards are among the features of the exhibition as well.