Frozen cat challenge, 'Super Tuna' to Jungkook's 'SEVEN'! 'The Astronaut' Jin performs for ARMY at BTS Festa

    Kim Seokjin spoke and performed for his beloved fans, ARMY, at the Seoul Sports Complex, celebrating the group's 11th debut anniversary.

    BTS' Kim Seokjin

    BTS' Kim Seokjin

    After a hugging marathon in Seoul, South Korea, global superstar Kim Seokjin from one of the biggest groups in the world, BTS, went on to talk and perform for his beloved fans, ARMY, at the Seoul Sports Complex, celebrating the group's 11th debut anniversary. While only fans with paid memberships could watch it, ARMY are known to share live links and maintain the habit of viewing anything related to BTS together.

    Soon after the performances began, fans were thrilled to see Jin where he belonged the most—the stage. He entered on a cycle and sang the song he had gifted to ARMY before leaving for the military, "The Astronaut." He also performed his quirky but viral song "Super Tuna," surprising everyone with an extended version.

    Not just that, he also danced to his bandmate Jungkook's smash-hit single "SEVEN" and mentioned he would show it to the 'maknae,' which got ARMY excited.

    Adding to the fun, he also did the 'frozen cat challenge.' The challenge is based on a years-old news clip that recently made waves, in which a cat was reported to have been seen walking on the frozen Han River.

    Before these performances, he gave out 1,000 free hugs to ARMY with a smile. At the event, the singer expressed his desire to host another similar event someday, saying, "Maybe right now I can only hug 1,000 people, but in the future, before I die, I want to do it again."

    Where are BTS members:

    Jin is the first BTS member to complete his military enlistment. The other six members — Kim Namjoon, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook — are serving mandatory military duty. The group is anticipated to reunite as a whole by June 2025.

    After Jin, rapper J-Hope will be discharged from the military this year. Suga is fulfilling his service as a social service agent following his shoulder surgery. RM is stationed at the 15th Infantry Division, while V has been deployed to the ROK II Corps. Meanwhile, Jimin and Jungkook have reportedly joined the 5th Infantry Division.